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Mushroom Science

Delicate Mushroom Varieties Coming Soon

Pioppini Mushroom
Dark caps with robust flavor stand tall on white caps served with rich red meat and pasta .
$20.00 lb.

White Beech Mushroom
Pure white caps on a flavorful stem adorn poultry with dried apricots and pistachio crumble
$20.00 lb.

Forest Nameko Mushroom
Nameko offers tan caps that embrace a full bodied flavor served with Italian vegetables.
$20.00 lb.

Brown Beech Mushrooms
Traditional brown caps on a white stem served with ragout marinara and onions
$20.00 lb.

Grey Oyster Mushroom
Chefs Special served warm with garlic and leek topped bruschetta for brunch
$20.00 lb.

Maitake Mushroom
Fricassee of mushrooms served with steamed rice & toasted pine nuts.

Large Mushroom Varieties

Trumpet Royal
Firm stalks topped with a brown cap sautéed in Riesling with onions, sliced trumpet mushroom and fresh herbs.
$20.00 lb.

Bianco Mushroom
Large mushroom with firm texture marinade in citrus and olive oil with a touch of BBQ for vegetarian cutlets 20.00 lb.

Pan-fried and served with steak & butter sauce with parsley lemon and baked potato
$50.00 5lb.

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