Lighthouse Garden

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Pure air while microgreens grow; breathe fresh air

Fruit from the tree for a fresh start each day

A very special place of pure air and comfort

Full Sun options for outdoor enjoyment

Plants need nutrients just like people

Lighthouse Hardware

Country Living

Dieter G
Vertical Living Wall

Growing a garden can take space so the solution is grow up. Plant a living wall system that is easy to set up and rewarding. The options are for herbs succulents or any plant that would bring you joy. It may be time to grow up. Save space and enjoy fresh herbs for dinner while reducing the carbon foot print.

A Guide to Growing Roses

Paul Zimmerman teaches how to have a rose garden that will grow better than you have imagined possible. Soil requirements and disease control with detailed pruning and everything needed for a beautiful display.

Shade Cloth for Filtered Light

Shade cloth will filter the light and reduce cooling costs for full sun gardening. The plants will require less water when the soil is mulched and the light source is not intense. The planting we have done at Arboretum Farms with diffused lighting has offered us bigger yields and less pests. The plants can relax and be more productive.


Barbeque and Backyard

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Trees and plants that are real space savers while they purify the air and add inspiration to your desk. Inspiration comes in many forms enjoy the instructions for beginners & advanced Bonsai growers.

rd smith

Outdoor fire pits for a safe relaxing enjoyment in the yard and by the pool. Enjoy campfire conversations by the glow of the flame.

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