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Tablets are Organic & tested for purity to offer you the cleanest source of nutrition in every bag

Benefits of Blue Green Algae

. Dermatologist safe for healthy skin

. Energy booster fatigue prevention

. Magnesium for PH support in digestion

. Regulate sugar levels for a calm attitude

. Reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides

. Contains nutrients to fight cell damage

. Carotenoids to reduce risk of diabetes

. Enjoy endurance for oxygen delivery

. Healthy Blood Pressure

. Anti Inflammatory Nutrition

.Healthy Source of Omega 3

. 60 % protein with 9 essential amino acids

Fresh Choices

We hope your plate today has all the colors of the rainbow enjoy the variety of nutrition our planet has to offer. Fresh Is Best

Care for Bone Strength

Dark green is a sign of minerals and physical peace that will help you work like a fine tuned machine. The minerals are very unique to what you need for ph balance which demonstrates homeostasis for function and rejuvenation. The human structure can easily identify and put to work the magnesium in each serving and

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