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All grains are ground with a Unifine milling process. The plant oils are in the original state and are not exposed to heat as the stone ground milling. The grain oil is unaltered and offers a product that has a better flavor, with optimal nutrients in place for a long shelf life. The nutrients are higher in potassium with quadruple the amount of fiber and triple the magnesium value.

Raw Organic Grains

Fresh Choices

We hope your plate today has all the colors of the rainbow enjoy the variety of nutrition our planet has to offer. Fresh Is Best

Care for Bone Strength

Dark green is a sign of minerals and physical peace that will help you work like a fine tuned machine. The minerals are very unique to what you need for ph balance which demonstrates homeostasis for function and rejuvenation. The human structure can easily identify and put to work the magnesium in each serving and

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