Essential Oil For Health

Air Free is a combination that works well in an air diffuser or sprayed by hand to eliminate bacteria and viruses for a breath of Fresh Air

Create a bond between mother and baby in the womb and nourish skin to prevent stretch marks

Joint pain relief to aid in the healing of cartilage for flexibility and repair.

Essential Oils to increase creativity enhances skills and hidden talents. Plant energy to enhance problem solving through circulatory pathways and visual capability.

Respiratory Essential Oil supports lung and nasal health by soothing inflamed membranes and bacterial irritation. Beneficial for coughing and expectorant conditions. A natural decongestant that is effective for aromatherapy by breathing or in a diffuser. Your health truly matters.

Essential Oils to allow your anxieties to be released and the fear to be calmed. In a transition this is helpful to remain calm and allow clear thoughts from the what if … Use this for stability, and comfort in the heart.

Prevents nightmares and enables one to wake up happy after sleeping. Pacifies night terrors. A good nights rest is valuable to combat stress effectively.

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