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Restful sleep is important for proper function body. Clear thought and stress management really does make a difference in the day to day routine. Aromatherapy can be effective in calming and focusing on the project at hand. Finding the perfect fragrance from essential oils and or herbs are important for physical and mental balance.

One option to relax at night is to use a herbal infused pillow that can be made at home by mixing dried herbs that are mildly fragrant.

In a bowl mix 2 TB dried chamomile, 2 TB dried lavender, & 2 Tb dried lemon balm.

Mix the herbs together and add 1 drop of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of sweet marjoram essential oil. Mix well and add the herbs in a muslin bag.

Pull the draw string closed and seal the bag . Place your herbal pouch inside of the pillow case on the edge of your pillow.

Enjoy the relaxng fragances that will comfort your heart and mind. We wish you a good nights rest.

Sweet Dreams

Fresh is Best


Using herbs in your cooking as a fragrance and flavor element creates a meal that is memorable. Historically if you were invited to partake of the bounty of food you would be considered a friend and important to the family with the invitation for the event.

Herbs have many properties in there leaves, flowers, bark and roots for medicinal and culinary enjoyment. If you are familiar with the plant properties wild or garden harvest would be used for the meal leaving 50% of the plant in the ground for further generations. Plants will flower and reseed your garden automatically so you will always have future herbs in your yard for many meals to come.

Another benefit for our meals is to consider that spices applied to meat in a dry rub or seasoned before cooking has an antibacterial action and can ward off pathogenic microorganisms and keep us healthy (Billing & Sherman, 1998).

Herbs stored indoors for the winter should be upgraded every 4 to 6 months therefore your dishes will taste their best when you serve them to your friends and family.

Planting seeds for outdoor landscaping and floral bouquets and culinary meals can be started indoors on a windowsill or a table by the light shining in from outside so when the weather is ready for planting in your area you will be ready for a aromatic backyard experience.

The items mentioned in this blog can’t be found at Jubilee Village and if you have any questions regarding gardening or starting seeds you may contact us


Seeds and green houses are located at Lighthouse Garden

Meat options can be found at Prime Thyme BBQ

Fresh dried herbs can be found at Tea Tender

We promote fresh products because we think that is best.

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Fresh Is Best

Flowers For you

Do you have a room with a view? Flower pots are simple to do. Dirt, plant, then water.

Enjoy the contrast of colors with choices that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds that bring joy for all to see.

Bulbs are so special they grow so very strong with roots that will support the stalks that hold the flowers so beautifully. The sight of something attractive will bring peace and joy for a moment that sustains all who stop and see the petals along the path.

Peonies are lovely and really put on a show and the good news about a flower that starts with a bulb is that each year the bulb will create new bulbs that can be placed around your yard. Some flowers make one flower like a tulip per plant and others flower all season with bouquets for every room.

Lighthouse Garden is having a sale on bulbs for your zone planting. We hope your view will bring joy to you.

Enjoy free garden advice to get started in the great outdoors just for you

Seed starting basics for a successful year of flowers and fresh food.

We wish you Happy Gardening in 2022.

Fresh is Best/ Lighthouse Garden

Inner Strength

The power in you will sustain you in times of trouble. The stress levels in life with multi tasking and internet messaging totals are about 70,000 per day. Distractions come about every 5 minutes the nervous system will handle this information well if our nutritional menu is consistent and fresh.

In the herbal community people refer to adaptogenic as a way to return to system balance. The ability is to bring inner calm due to system imbalances in the nervous, emotional, and physical arenas are a priority.

Herbs are very effective under the advise of your physician or naturopathic medical instruction. The combination of pharmaceuticals and herbs are not generally a good idea so how do we proceed in this situation?

Mushrooms are also adaptogenic and can be taken with you on the go and put inside your beverage without altering the taste. Coffee or smoothie or any beverage you prefer. If life is busy our food needs to be ready for on the go without a drive thru option for fast food.

Mushrooms are a food source that are beneficial when cooked or taken as an extraction. If tinctures do not agree with you fresh mushroom or powdered mixes are very good to mix in your food.

We are very fortunate to offer you mushroom tinctures at Mushroom Bounty. The double extraction process has a very long shelf life and is usable immediately after consumption due to the liquid content. Digestion is not an issue here. This product may be a good match for your situation. Enjoy the Mushroom Blend for immune support as an adaptogenic tool.

The buzz here is the combination formulas with herbs and mushrooms for the cancer prevention base with specific herbs which are found in the Sleep tonic which targets insomnia.

If you know someone who suffers from digestion impairment or discomfort the Digestion Formula may be an option. How difficult it is to have intestinal pain from food we hope this may be a solution for you or your friends.

The Stress Formula is the fourth pillar in the mushroom tinctures. Understanding the effects of stress we can all identify with the need for a change. There are answers that can make a difference to protect you and make you feel better. We recommend you follow the advise of your physician and would like you to consider that these products are not intended to cure any disease but to help you achieve a better quality of life.

Fresh Ideas for a happy heart and a good quality of life.

Live Strong

Veggies in the pot with water and soup bones from your market can produce a warm broth that is comforting and rewarding. The bones and the vegetables should be put in a crockpot and cooked on low for 24 hours. We enjoy the flavor of carrots, celery, salt, pepper and bay leaves with garlic and fresh thyme. To create a rich stock we use 2 pounds of bones.

A vegetarian option for broth can be made with carrots, celery, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley & kale. The options are many for broth using fresh produce would be best for flavor and nutrients.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of added calcium iron and potassium for heart health.

It is vital to take good care of yourself and the benefit of a restful sleep will do wonders for you and your immune function for your defense and health. The amino acid (glycine) found in bone broth may provide you with restful sleep.

Fresh Is Best

Welcome Bees

We enjoy the the symphony of the outdoor sounds that are relaxing and enjoyable in the yard. The trees around the garden contain birds who eat the seeds on the ground. Butterflies are so colorful as we relax in the morning sunshine.

What a joy to celebrate life as bees tend to the flowers to make honey for us to enjoy. We are grateful for raw honey as we use it to cover a wound for the antiseptic value.

If a friend or family member feels a scratchy throat we use cayenne and honey to remove the pain.

The idea of enjoying the outdoor attributes at dinner table are common. Wildflower honey infused with sage is very enjoyable on the biscuits that come from the oven around 5 pm.

What can done to preserve our friends that suffer from unnatural means to destroy them. We can plant flowers that are safe and create an environment where they can thrive and be safe.

Butterfly bushes, echinacea and wildflowers are just a few if we plant a small area we can help to create beauty and enjoyment for all around knowing we have made a difference with the land we have. A flower pot on a patio or a box of marigolds you see can do a lot for our beloved bees.

If you would like to see the flowers they may enjoy visit this page as you prepare for spring planting.

Fresh is Best

Queen Spice

person holding green plant on brown wooden table
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Plants can have a positive factor that benefits us. The spices in your kitchen add flavor and support for your health and immune system. Sage tea is good for a sore throat and thyme can be used to clean a wound. If you are in a bind and need an herbal solution it is nice to have fresh spices growing. Fresh spices are also very nice in flower bouquets.

Cardamom is a beautiful plant and the pods are ground to give a very unique flavor when used in moderation. This plant is useful for UTI’s, depression and a fatty liver. It is always best to consult a physician to get their approval before adding a new product in your diet. This plant is very unique in appearance and in culinary meals.

The cardamom pods are ground up to give us that unique flavor. The power of a plant can change your life. We hope you can enjoy your life to the full measure you are intended to have.

The next time you would like a special treat try adding a dash of cardamom to your french toast batter and serve with fresh maple syrup. Cardamom pairs well with vanilla so this fresh idea may brighten your cuisine.

When it comes to spices a little goes a long way so enjoy all the variety we have and treat yourself.

Fresh is Best


The greenhouse effect can be helpful when we upcycle our lettuce containers for an indoor climate.

This is nice because the side tabs open and close easily without disturbing the root development and causing stress.

Micros 5 days old

The greenhouse keeps the seeds moist so watering isn’t necessary after the planting of seeds. It will save water and the peatmoss medium does not adhere to the stem for rotting stem syndrome from excessive moisture.

Each harvest is ready at 10-14 days for you to enjoy superfood nutrition. The white side shoots of the root systems will display hair like villi at 3-5 days.

Start your second box every 4 days for a continous supply. We recommend purple radish sprouts, brocolli and salad mix.

If all this is a lot of work you can buy micro kits that are pre – planted and all you need is water.

However you choose to get greens, mini greens or vegetable juice make good choices for your health. It is a consideration for healthy cell development and immune function that will make your future bright.

May your future be bright as you enjoy fresh foods for a happy new year.

Happy Gardening

Greengirl /


Can the properties of this plant Melissa bring on the benefits of calmness and peace? What is the constituents that play a part in mental awareness? The benefits that are helpful are the ones that we seek to help those who are in stress from aging and world events.

Stress is relentless causing a surge of cortisol that wears heavy on the arteries. Simply said lets avoid the stress and choose instead to enter the rest (George Pearsons).

gold kettle pouring hot water on cup of tea

Lemon balm plays a role in neurodegenerative diseases that some have experienced in time. The ability of plaque removal in the mental pathways is a benefit to consider. Generally it is a recommendation to have 1-3 cups per day. Use 1 tsp of dried herb for every cup of water for your tea.

The vitamin mineral content of this herb supplies the requirement for balancing the blood ph for assimilation and rest.

Considering blood pressure as part of heart health and wellness this herb Melissa (lemon balm) plays a role in the mission of physical strength. Keep in mind that blood sugar and heart health are related we have found that the composition of this tea assists with lower blood sugar levels which is good news for diabetics that follow a healthy diet plan. The low glycemic index works nicely in this regard.

adult blur books close up

The sedative properties can alleviate the daily fatigue and help you rest. This is the time to get yourself back on track and proceed under the care of your physician and seek help. For we wish for everyone to experience peace and calm regardless of what is happening around you.

Focus on things that bring you joy for us at Herbal Emporium we have vision boards posted on the wall or on our desk so when we are stressed we stop to and take a vision break. Pictures of animals people or beautiful landscaping that brings us peace and perhaps a video that always makes us laugh is mandatory to stay on top of the stress sea.

For on the go lifestyle we like to use non alcoholic tinctures that can be tucked away in your pocket and when you feel a negative emotion or nerve fray say something you are thankful for and put a few drops in your mouth. You can add stevia or a non glycemic sweetener also to your mix. We hope this makes a difference for you.

As always we would like to see you share this information to a friend so together we can become stronger.

Enjoy this fresh idea.

Fresh Is Best at Jubilee Market

Hi C

red currants in gray bucket
Photo by Yulia Ilina

In the blind sight of influenza the little treasures we found here will sustain and alleviate discomfort and support the strength of the immune.

The black currant has a vitamin C content which is very high in this natural form. It is a benefit for those who need assistance in secondary stages of infection or immune health to boost physical health and performance.

You will find 2000 mg. per kg. which is 2.2 pounds with potassium for heart health and rutin which helps your body produce collagen ( for arterial function.

Supplementation is useful in all cases but we recommend eating fresh berries or currant juice because that is where all the above nutrients are preserved for absorption and benefit. Understanding that heat and oxidization will contribute to the destruction of vitamin C we recommend the berry juice, or dehydrated berries at They have frozen berries or dried berries for your healthy approach.

top view photo of food dessert
Photo by Trang Doan

After research we can see that the fruit is beneficial yet can be costly and some would consider growing their own to save money and have the freshest source of food. If you have room to grow this berry and would like to consider improving your health and sharing your abundance with others in need; our nursery has this plant available.

woman showing currant in hands in greenery
Photo by Julia Volk

The plants will be delivered to you in spring they grow in specific zones and you will find a map for your area when you click the link. We hope you enjoy good health and achieve the new addition of black currants to your diet. We find the ability of rutin in this plant exciting for the added collagen benefit, which supports all of your connective tissue.

Some have said that powerful things come in small packages and this crop is a good example of that.

Happy Planting

Fresh Is Best at Arboretum Springs Farm

Flu Season Friend

Photo by Елена Кузьмина

We have heard about the berry families and their antioxidant value. To understand that statement we cannot always identify the benefit. In the cellular stream of function there are negative components that are in place to hurt us so we can enjoy the small blueberries and there antioxidant value.

If you are under the pressure of flu symptoms and feeling bad there is a solution that you can enjoy and consume. The small fruit is outstanding for your health and if taken when feeling sick it will shorten the duration of the illness and reduce the symptoms of discomfort.

Elderberry syrup can be made at home to eat a spoonful a day. It is important to remember that raw elderberries should not be eaten. Dried berries or fresh berries can be used for syrup. The stems and seed should not be consumed because they contain cyanic which is not recommended, but cooking will render the agent harmless.

The suggestions here are exciting so we decided to try this and decide for ourselves. We used an herbal tincture and started with a few drops in water to make sure we did not have a negative reaction as this is common when trying new products. We used Dr. Christopher’s elderberry tincture although there are many options on the market. The recommendation we found was to take 1/2 tsp 3 times a day. We used used a 1/4 of a tsp more frequently not to exceed the daily recommendation.

woman surrounded by sunflowers

The results from our test came back positive this little berry made a noticeable difference and we will be making a combination of elderberry and echinacea the next time a germ tries to cause us discomfort.

Keep in mind this is a medicinal product and should be respected so do not take more than recommended and if auto immune history is present please as always contact your physician before trying any new product.

If you are interested in purchasing any product mentioned in this article you may send us a line at and we will send it right out.

Fresh Ideas are the Best

Stay Strong

Green Girl/

Animals Teach

We are eager to have animals as they entertain and depend on us for comfort, shelter and nutrition.

As the sun sets the birds search green material such as lettuce grass and plant material. Having the free range chickens patrol for bugs during the day it eluminates the need for commercial pest control. The financial kickback is good and the environment and water tables are healthy once again.

During the day rhey seek bugs and seeds with mineral infusion as they fertilize the orchards and compost the leaves from fall.

The idea animals can teach is not apparent at first glance, but the idea of high mineral foods before the evening activities promotes rest and proper ph balance for the night.

Eating the colors of a rainbow is a balance that all should see on the plate. Fruits vegetables and fiber on our plate gives us anti cancer compounds, fiber for digestive health and vitamin C to boost the immune function so we can feel relaxed at the end of the day.

May your fresh food make you feel your best today

Green Girl at Fresh is Best

Hydroponic Lettuce

Shopping today for produce we found lettuce with roots attached; the life in the plant had a noticeable difference than cut leaf counterparts.

The container was a plastic greenhouse made of recyclable components so we harvested the outer leaves for a company dinner and took the core with the roots and planted it in the soil.

The results are suprising after 2 weeks of transplant adjustments we now have a healthy lettuce plant for another meal. This vegetable recycling option is a fresh idea for large producing plants instead of starting from seed which can take 60 days.

Enjoy your day staying peaceful each step of the way.

Fresh Lettuce is Best

Green Tea

Strong nails strong bones is there a correlation? Can we see what is happening inside our body by the physical signs we see?

Green tea is made with greens from the garden that are juiced or processed in the blender and added to hibiscus tea and red clover tea.

The body will easily convert magnesium into calcium that usable for strong bones and nails. The results can be found by taking calcium supplements for a month and check the strength and condition of your nails. Take green juice from kale and parsley everyday for a month and then recheck your nail growth. This will tell you which is better.

Here’s a picture of kale growing in the garden we add three leaves of this to our juicer and combine the green liquid with hibiscus and red clover tea which is sweetened with Stevia or sweetener of your choice. The tea is made using 1 teaspoon of dry plant material to 1 cup of water so in this recipe you would add a half a teaspoon of each herb for every cup of water.

Enjoy good health and feel relaxed with proper pH due from the alkalinity of the greenery and enjoy beautiful skin and strong bones.

Fresh is Best

It is a Match

Making good use of a metal paper storage unit that is often carried in professional vans for invoices and documents. The top snaps closed for keeping items organized in the dual layer stack system. We covered it with a hot glue gun on the edges only so the fabric has a soft feel. We added lace on the edges and a wired edge bow on the paper clamp that holds papers. This is very functional as a desk organizer that a cat cannot damage.

Our office desk has cats that like to lounge on papers and be in the middle of our projects. We appreciate the furry friends and found this to be a solution from missing pens and wrinkled papers.

close up photography of sleeping tabby cat

We are upcycling old objects to keep them out of the trash pile in a land fill so we covered the outside with a matching Paris design and pleated the edges with a glue gun style and trimmed the edges with the same lace. It is nice to recycle and see beauty around us at all times.

We hope you can find a treasure in your storage that needs a face lift. Come join the crafting secret to avoid stress by focusing on the something positive that makes you feel your best.

Fresh IS Best

Fresh French Rack

close up photo of dinnerware set on top of table with glass cups
Photo by Mat Brown on

Family and friends are here to gather again as we are thankful for kindness and generosity. The table is set with fresh herbs on the plates that represent the bounty from our garden landscapes.

The main attraction today is Festive French Rack served with a five star main dish that is adorned with cranberries and compote.

Our theme this season is fresh with a meat seasoned with fresh cracked pepper mandarin meat stock and fresh basil cut chiffonade.

Fresh green salad that offers the colors of the rainbow is a good choice with sunflower micros placed on top. The seeds take from 10-14 days to reach this stage so there is time to start seeds for your salad today.

Fresh bread baking in the oven while your friends and family are there is a great aromatic gesture that is memorable for a good meal every time.

While guests are visiting we recommend a snack tray that is abundant with fresh fruit and healthy snacks that does not fill them up but keeps them satisfied until the main meal is ready.

A successful event is when all people can help prepare and visit while enjoying fresh food from the bountiful harvest.

Plan your colors and pick your theme for this is a success wherever you may be.

Enjoy your time and show thankfulness that your guests have taken time to be with you as this event is prepared fresh. We appreciate you as our blog visitors and we wish for you great health with a happy heart.

Fresh Is Best

Grand Entrance

love summer garden leaf
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

The boldness of white to catch the eye is very peaceful and beautiful in a bouquet for the table setting or the entrance to your home. One hundred petals join to create a sphere that celebrates the occasion for your event. A bouquet with red roses brings stunning to a new level. Hydrangea is a very affordable flower with 2 to 6 stems in a bouquet. The contrast of the green leaf is a perfect balance and other stems can be supported through the large sphere of petals shown here.

A low profile option is to use florist foam that is soaked in water and insert flowers in the base with pearl pins to stabilize the bouquet.

Red and white look nice for personal presentation or large gatherings. Christmas events could add pine needles in place of fern leaves in this bouquet. The color combination here is considered a professional approach and there is a savings for bulk flowers or wholesale with deliveries usually 2 days before the event.

The idea is to make whatever you are planning memorable without spending a lot of time planning so you can enjoy the get together along with everyone else.

Fresh Is Best so your presentation will shine with success.

Beautiful Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a unique crop for its floral component in a bouquet and also for a gluten free food when eating the kernel. This plant does help us by seeking out the negative components in our system that have a negative effect in regards to heart disease.

Rutin is another benefit for us all because it keeps the the blood from clumping together which is not what we need for heart health. Most intriguing is the benefit buckwheat has for patients that have been diagnosed with diabetes and lowering blood pressure.

As a result of reduced antioxidants the hair and skin should improve also.

Buckwheat can be sprouted and grown to eat fresh in a salad. The potential for maximum nutrition is available at the plants peak performance in nutrition at 10-14 days old. Any plant that has antioxidant value should be a consideration for the healing process of inflammation and disorder by using microgreen management

We wish you amazing health and perspective.

Fresh ideas so you can be your best

Red Juice Recs

Rich red juice is a special treat that is common each year. The juice is rich in health benefits that will move inflammatory markers.

Pain is related to inflammatory conditions so pomegranites in arils, juice, tea and dry peel capsules should be a consideration.

Pomegranites house punicalagins and punicic acids which play a dominant role in cellular recovery. The purification of blood is true to the color of the juice.

Immune function is the result of the nutrients available for health and wellness. We suggest some fresh red juice when available in your area.

If you have room in your yard plant a tree in which will supply enough juice for a family. People have told us they like to drink 2 ounces per day to keep colds and viruses away.

Some traditions require pomegranite jelly for fresh bread every Thanksgiving meal so however you choose boost your immune.

Make life special with fresh pomegranites

Fresh Is Best

Energy Infusion

While we rest the nocturnal mission is at work spinning a web to catch her prey. She uses the wheel method to produce the best result which covers a large span of effectiveness. The time involved is approximately one hour and she uses the least amount of silk for this dynamic creation.

The time we use to produce results requires fresh oxygen and energy so we may be effective as our nocturnal cohabitants. The ability to be inspired and energetic is a state of youthfulness with a mission of our own.

Our food source is important for purity and a clean blood stream which will feed our cells quickly. We plant a seed and enjoy the harvest 30 – 120 days later. If the garden idea does not work there is a new idea that works beautifully to add to your menu.

Blue Green Algae Tablets

Benefits using Chlorella Recovery Tablet

. Reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides for heart health

. Contains nutrients to fight cell damage

. Contains carotenoids to reduce risk of diabetes

. Performance and endurance for oxygen delivery

The ability to remove toxins from the blood and have a high protein food that does not spoil can be carried with you for on the go and give you a superfood benefit to support immune function to destroy invaders that do not belong. Green Nation wants you should be healthy and whole with energy and inspiration.

The products we are recommending are organic and grown free from outdoor pollutants and then are tested repeatedly for heavy metals and toxins. This is the highest quality of blue green algae on the planet.

We have tried chlorella for 15 years and found this to be the best.

I have never seen a spider tired and fatigued from her web spinning she is energetic and responsive in her mission to survive the obstacles. We wish for you to be healthy healed and strong from all disorder and despair. We recommend that you consult your physician before adding superfoods to your regimen.

Live long and strong and happy

Fresh is Best

Stay fresh to be your best

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