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Kindness and Caring

I recently had a visitor to the farm who was looking for garden fresh tomatoes. She was  picking tomatoes for pasta sauce and was very thankful for the opportunity make fresh garden sauce.

We enjoy sharing our private reserve food with customers and friends because the more we share the more friends are near.

The abundant harvest that comes from a watermelon vine or cucumber hut is always continuous. If you have an overflowing supply of anything in your house yard or business we recommend sharing with others because your next friend is right around the corner.

Fresh Is Best



Learning Zero Waste

In our choices to support companies that are using zero waste programs it is important to us to be supportive of this move.

Some technologies are for big business and can be implemented into a small scale process. Bio compost is converting wood, scrap gloves, compostable items, including towels that  are changed to biochar which is a soil enhancement for garden

Some processes are unpleasing with a smell factor but now we can compost micro organisms to ferment food which is fast with all items controlled using a sealed system.  Fermentation is a key process for a 14 day turn around with the bokashi methods.

In agriculture we like to utilize the natural worms and nutrients for decomposition which converts food waste such as plant growth to improve soil .  Healthy soil means healthy plants for the future of nutritious food using vermiculture techniques.

While attending a horticulture class our project was to dig a trench and fill with produce and plant a crop on top of the trench for plant activity to benefit from  decomposing waste matter.  The idea here is to understand the connection between healthy farm food and the environment in the long run.

We appreciate your contribution to our company so we can support companies that agree with our standards for a better tomorrow.

Have a good day

Fresh is Best



Malinois Mix

In life suprises are special and our dog family has grown with quality dogs that have changed our perspective. Malinois dogs have a heart to heart bond with their owners.

Our new family is a mix between German Shepherd Rottweller and Malinois. The sire is 86 pounds and his girlfriend is 78 pounds.

Our litter is available now if you have a ranch farm or land for our pups to run on. The dogs are happiest with daily interaction with the owners and family.

We have the happiest dogs on earth and we feel they are all highly respected. They are family friendly & happy with people they know and are well socialized.


Are puppies are dewormed and we leave immunization up to the individual owner as to when they think their puppy should be innoculated. We recommend shots it depends on the location of the animals when this should happen.

Do you think you are a good candidate for a Malinois send an email to our office with your information and plans for the dogs.

Our puppies eat Victor food beef and rice to support their active lifestyle. We have given our dogs a good start and into your heart may they bless you every day of your life.


Our dogs are free range and live with guinea hens chickens and ducks. Our poultry respect our dogs as they protect them from coyotes and foxes. It is a beautiful thing to see such a strong compassionate animal serving us all in such a manner of respect and loyalty.

We wish you all the best and look forward to meeting you soon

Fresh Is Best

Long Stem Amaryllis

A red velvet beauty standing strong and tall will find sunshine a friend in the fall. They do well planted around the outer edge of a canopy of trees where they benefit from light and protection from hot afternoon sun.

Normally 12-15 inch stems support the bi; tri or quad floral design suspended in mid air.

Arboretum Springs Farm velvet amaryllis

Twice a year we see floral abound if the first bloom is cut a second one may come soon.

Some people use tape to support the floral position but we recommend cohesive bandage as we have done here.

We used a scarf to co-ordinate with the color or you can top with spanish moss and add cascading flowers that hang down like wisteria or ivy.

you will find blooms twice a year that will grow well and make more bulbs to give away. AA bountiful beauty is great bouquet gifts also .

If you would like to see our Amaryllis event follow this blog to stay in touch we will offer bulbs that are popular and some that are very unique this showcase is a joy as we like flowers around us all year.

Arboretum Springs by Design

Landscaping with everyone in mind

Fresh flowers are best

Help in Need

There are times when we look back to consider where our path changed and how we can correct a wrong.

When we see people without food to eat or a place to sleep we consider the choices that lead to this situation.

We want to make a difference so we have food for the hungry that will be given for each contribution made into our drive to help the hungry in this nation and surrounding areas.

If you like to help families in need our category “feed the hungry” is open now in our shop.


We want everyone to help each other as a part of a humanity embrace.

People must know we care.

Arboretum Springs providing good food to all.

Fresh Is Best

Coconut Chemical Free

Young  coconuts are best if you live where coconut trees grow. The young fruit are common in the states for the young meat and water inside this fruit. The outer husk will turn brown after the outer protective husk is removed to make it easier for the consumer to harvest.

We have found coconuts that are now dipped in vitamin C ascorbic acid which prevents browning  of the tender white husk. The chemical free fruit is available in our shop at https://freshisbest.net/shop for you.

The fruit comes wrapped in a clear wrap and will soon be available in our bulk section and single coconuts are now in our fruit department.


We are honored to carry non toxic tropical fruit which is certified organic also.

This will now mean we can get our minerals and potassium fresh which we think is best.

Arboretum Springs Farm



Pure water seems to be a hidden secret where all avenues are not pure in the H20 community. We have tried alkaline water and here is what we found.

The ph of 8.1 or higher was found to be light tasting and very pleasant. The container the water is put in makes a difference for long term storage. The idea of avoiding plastic water bottles is recommended as plastic components may be extracted over time from water that has a standard ph. Consumers seem to be looking for water in cartons, with a heart for recyclable materials that are compostable. So now the plastic depositing in the ocean may be slowing down some.

We tried water in a carton that was lined with foil and found a metallic taste developed over 8 weeks of storage. To buy water in glass bottles is more costly yet some vendors are starting to take notice so if you like this idea we suggest supporting this idea so it will continue.

The health benefit has been noted that the digestive process uses acidic juices to aid in digestion so if before or near after consuming food alkaline water would not be helpful. If you suffer from an ulcer or complications from acid in regards to reflux or any other pattern as such we found that the irritation from acid over a ulcerative wound was put down with alkaline water. For a temporary benefit it is suggested that alkaline water can be helpful in some regards and if the objective is to change body ph the magnesium found in green leafy vegetables are very usable for proper ph in the body for homeostasis and after the meal we supplement with alkaline water.

It is true the acid alkaline balance is important so we suggest using both acid and alkaline foods together. Acid foods are found in the tips and roots of plant such as wheat kernels or beet root crops. Alkaline foods are the leaves and the stalks of plants such as kale or lettuce. So all things considered a green diet with pure water is the best idea for strong bones healthy blood and a peaceful mind.

Someone recently said that nutrition places a small part in life considering the attacks of stress and worry and these are both very acidic emotions that should be eliminated yet a healthy mind and  heart are a  duo for longevity in addition to a positive attitude.

Here to your new healthy lifestyle.

Fresh Is Best


Sunshine on My Shoulders

The summer is family freedom to romp and run. If your family has sunburns this blog may help you. The ability to help healing occur faster with herbal support is used by many. Take a medium branch of aloe vera  and put the meat in the blender and pulse until it resembles a smooth liquid.

We do not blend this on a fast speed due to air bubbles creating a foam solution.  In a pot add 1 Tbl. of dried calendula flowers that will be covered by water on a low temperature and bring to a medium temperature and let steep until you can see a yellow liquid. The strength of your solution is dependent on how long you brew your tea for.

When your liquid has cooled down to a room temperature add to aloe mixture until incorporated. Adding other essential oils for fragrance can be utilized for a favorite aromatic experience. We recommend 2-4 drops so it is not overpowering.

Pour your mix into ice cube trays and freeze so when Johnny or Emily have a burn they can get their ice friend cube and rub the calendula cube  on the sore tissue while sitting on the grass in the shade. If the skin is actually stinging severely take a zucchini from the garden and slice a strip and dab gently on the burn and it will relieve the pain.

Some people ask what to do with zucchini we have so much well share this tip they will thank you. I was at a high mountain lake and my forehead sun burned and was very tender so I took a piece of zucchini  from my salad and put it on my forehead within 15 minutes there was no pain. I think that these circumstances can teach us so we can help others.  If you would like to find any products mentioned here jump on over to freshsbest.net/shop we enjoy the farm lifestyle and hope you can live a better quality of life from our experience.

                          Fresh Is Best

Care for Bone Strength

Dark green is a sign of minerals and physical peace that will help you work like a fine tuned machine. The minerals are very unique to what you need for ph balance which demonstrates homeostasis for function and rejuvenation.

The human structure can easily identify and put to work the magnesium in each serving and quickly convert it to a useable source  of calcium for the the cells to combat  against bone loss. If you are irritable you may be experiencing acidic ph balance. Irritability is the first sign. When this happens calcium is deposited in the blood stream from the bones to adjust the imbalance.

The idea is to support the body for proper function and  collagen for human function is relative where some are using collagen for bone strength also. The question we had was is bovine collagen better than marine collagen?

Bovine collagen coming from the cattle skin is classified as type 1 & type 3. Type one is found in your skin hair and bones so the assumption type one would be usable by the human body.  Type three is found in organs and arteries which is using fish bones and scales according to some reports.


You also have options for vegan sources such as aloe vera, licorice herb, pomegranate and cinnamon that support the production of collagen.  We have found that silica in food supports strong connective tissue and the highest concentration of silica is in bamboo and horsetail herb.  Using the building blocks of amino acids, vitamin C, silica, zinc and polysaccharides must be available for this production. Vitamin E works in conjunction with these items listed also.

In the food groups; plant are equipped with different elements for proper assimilation so choose your source as you see fit and most of all we wish you fresh food each day so you can be your best.


Fresh Is Best

Essentially True

The senses are saturated with the beautiful lavender breeze. How fortunate we are to enjoy this fragrance of pure essential plants that calm and relax the nerves and make one feel elegant in the moment.

The oils of each plant are not intended for internal consumption but are very therapeutic as a breath of fresh air that is enjoyed every time we open the bottle of relaxation and bliss.

We hope you can enjoy the array of elegance as you keep the oils close by for a whiff of rosemary to spark your mental activity or the fragrance of chamomile as an emotional curtain of hope.

Organic marjoram essential oil is superb mixed as a respiratory steam and can assist with feelings of calm and being in control. The interaction with receptors in the brain can produce a homeostasis effect in some situations. Find a quiet spot that you find relaxing and safe and enjoy the fragrance that will lift your spirits.

A common fragrance that is left on the counter is tangerine it is such a perky happy aroma one cannot refuse its joy.

Rose oil is so elegant and has a way of making one feel beautiful and luxurious it is quite surprising how the plants in the earth have been overlooked by some. Nadine Artemis has a beautiful approach to serenity and wellness as she has enjoyed the plants of the forest for many years. If you would like to treat yourself to her vast wisdom jump on over to living libations.

We like to share our fresh ideas with you and we are here to bless you and hopefully this information will help complete your existence as a happy and peaceful person.

Fresh Is Best

Defense of Symbiosis

In our efforts to showcase products we think are valuable we have found a new friend for immune support.

Fresh Cap has an Ultimate Mushroom Complex for an amazing result with daily consumption.

A combination of Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, and Chaga mushrooms. Take a small amount to start because this is very strong and the flavor is not pronounced.

In a blender add mushroom powder coconut milk carob or chocolate powder and ice with a dash of honey or stevia tea and 1 mint leaf with green powder we used Jurassic green. Blend to perfection and enjoy.

We recommend this blend for immune function plus many more benefits. Every mushroom has an assignment and mental clarity, energy and the ability to focus without becoming drained that was the result our team noticed.

Thank you Fresh Cap we appreciate our fresh cap thinking powder.

Fresh is Best

Enjoy the earth and all the goodness therein.

Hidden Choice

Water is a precious resource that is valuable to those who have it. Some water in other regions may be cloudy or filled with toxins so we are greatful for . A recent online discussion suggested that if one drinks 6 ounces of water every 90 minutes it will hydrate you and not keep you in the bathroom throughout the day.

It is fashionable to add vitamins or immune drops or flavorings to make it energizing or improve on the flavor of water. It does taste plain and the cells in your body appreciate the quality of H20 to flush out toxins and hydrate your skin so you are performing at optimal rates for efficiency.

We have noticed some advertisers promoting alcohol free drops which can not be acceptable in some arenas such as young children. The idea of alcohol free is a good choice yet we have seen evidence that glycerin extracts that are used for preservation may be unhealthy.

The danger is that glycerin that comes in contact with a cell will draw water from the cell into the outer layer giving a plump appearance yet it can collapse the cells in the long run. Some people are suffering internally from gastrointestinal distress and/or having allergic reactions. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/vegetable-glycerin#summary

We want every one to live a healthy lifestyle and this information has been implemented in our community and we want this idea to be taken into consideration if others around you might be suffering unnecessarily.

Fresh Ideas for staying on the right track.

Fresh Is Best

Beautiful Smile

The expression of the heart is a start for a new beginning. What brings joy is memorable as the internal composition of the body cellular structure functions perfectly when there is joy.

The obstacles in life are set to prevent elation and bring frustration. It has been said that if one can laugh at the trouble in life it will dissolve the ability to hurt. Anguish will not happen in a happy heart for it is impossible to laugh and be angry at the same time.

We like to surround ourselves with creatures that make us smile and find enjoyment from helping others in need. The bouquet of beauty in a vase is a fragrant symbol of elegance. If we can have hope in something that is joyful, happy and loving we can certainly move our thoughts from a negative swing to a grateful day.

Surround yourself with positivity and hopefulness and your heart will be full and have no room for arrows of anger. If others are rude and hurtful they have revealed their heart that may be full of pain. Understanding this behavior will bring one to a level of perspective that lets insults roll of off us like water on a ducks back.

Fresh Ideas for a Beneficial Approach

Fresh is Best

Planter Options

In the yard the edging will always catch the eye so here is an idea with parsley and petunias. The plants are companions offering shade for younger shoots and plants that support each other.

We have herbs that have matured from last years seed distribution fresh herbs work well with the planter and gives you immediate nutrition for tea and drying options. This plant is called Melissa for the support of anxiety also known as Lemon Balm.

This planter is started by seed which grew together for a continuous bloom. We have Swiss Chard, California poppy and radish. Herbs and flowers grow well because the taller plants offer afternoon shade when the temperatures heat up.

We transplanted young amaryllis in the beginning of the year. Keep in mind that there are other flower seeds that have been scattered beneath so when the plants like swiss chard are finished flowers will mature in their place. We have seeded zinnia’s on the way under this cover. Marigolds and delphinium are another good option.

The idea that garden plants will finish in 30-90 days it is something that will always be changing for a new look. This is not a long term project and the harvest in 30 days depends on the seed sown on this day.

Happy Gardening we wish you bundles of bounty

Send garden questions to our team at freshisbest12@gmail.com

Fresh Food is the Best Food

Gardener’s Circle

The entrance gives the garden or outdoor room an inviting appeal. In your community of friends you may have a circle of gardening friends.

Some like to come by bringing the bounty of their harvest to share. Sometimes it is fresh fruit or vegetables. Since we started our farm we have always sent people home with something to eat as a memory of the good times we enjoy together.

Today we received fresh fermented salsa brine from a friend and we sent them home with red and green romaine lettuce. It reminds me of how nice it is to have seed in the ground so fresh food is growing every month of the year.

Each month represents a different crop so there is always food on the vine or on a tree we would like to encourage you to plant a seed every month. It may be a flower or a tree or a vegetable that will be a blessing to someone in need.

The funny thing is that a plant does not produce a small amount is is always an overflow of food so we will never be hungry. The best choice is to go outside find some food and cook it fresh. Fresh Is Best is a motto that we live by and we wish for all others to enjoy the fresh crops of the ground. January to December we look forward to a new fruit or vegetable.

At Christmas we often give out jam or jelly from the farm and sometimes people give us fruit to use as long as we give them a pint of the jam they adore so much.

Connecting with people and touching their heart we love to help others each day from the start.

A gift for you we thought you might enjoy

Fresh Is Best

Golden Locks

Healthy hair is a sign of good health and when life stresses pile up our golden locks may feel dry and frazzled. A simple step is to spritz a toner on your hair after you shampoo.

In our recipe we use herbs that will nourish the hair topically as we consume greens on the inside to mineralize our system for calmness and beauty.

Ready in 5 minutes

In 8 ounce of water add 1 Tbl of chamomile tea and 1 Tbl of rose petals.

Steep tea for 5-10 minutes in hot water that is covered with a lid to keep the plant oils in the mix.

When tea is at room temperature add 1 drop of lavender essential oil.


We value your opinion with and we enjoy sharing products that stand out from the rest in quality and opulence. Your support is given back in more great items that we all will treasure. Enjoy our links as we hope they will inspire you to gift others with new ideas that will improve their life also.

As an artist uses the paint to create the image on the canvas we use the petals in our tea to generate a beautiful idea in our hearts. The blossom tea is to experienced by one or all as the tea blossoms in hot water creates a melody of expectancy for a moment in the day that brings peace.

It is useful for a sit still moment where the beauty is intriguing and the calm is very enjoyable as the minerals calm the soul on a path of resetting the mind in the middle of the day.

The sencha cherry blossom tea is a stand alone design or it may be combined with Passionfruit Jasmine , Oolong Rose and Plum Oolong .

Fresh Tea for the Best Day


Freesias Forever

It is spring the crocus has come up with daffodils in bloom and while we wait for the tulips we have the most beautiful fragrance in the freesia gardens. The smell will captivate the traveler as they stroll by.

The white flowers are a stronger scent so while in bloom we put fresh bouquets by the chair with a view of the sunrise that will always relax our family and friends and all who visit our farm.

For Easter the multi colored bouquet is a very attractive conversational piece. We are thrilled to share with you the good news about this bloom.

A freesia bulb will bloom 10 weeks after it has been planted so set your schedule to plant a group of bulbs every month. You will have the fresh home aroma all year long after the ground has warmed up. Depending on your location bulbs may be planted indoors in a pot by the window so you can have the elegance of this flower in your home.

If you plant herbs outside with freesias close by the plants work as a support to hold up the blooms as they can be top heavy. Another option is to use a 180 degree wire support. Companion planting here is a very inviting choice to combine fresh spices for dinner and fresh flowers for the centerpiece.

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors today

Fresh Is Best


Product Review

Enjoy fresh baked sourdough bread by clicking on our affiliate links as we are thankful for your patronage.

The table is set and company is coming for dinner. We have received a gift box from Wildgrain so we put our french bread loaf in the oven and baked it on the rack for 18-22 minutes. The first convenient thing is that the bread is baked straight from the freezer. Wonderful this is important for those who have a busy schedule.

We presented our dinner with fresh baked french loaf and the house smelled like a bakery as home style bread always does. No one could tell this was prepared ahead of time from the Wildgrain company. Someone commented she made this fresh you can tell the golden color because she uses fresh farm eggs in her bakery items.

Frozen to fresh in 18 minutes very impressive. The bread delivery for this came in an insulated box with fresh made pasta noodles and assorted loafs that were frozen from their bakery.

The idea of this sourdough is great and then we read the label on the back to check the ingredient listing and what a surprise they use organic non gmo products so if you are a label person you can see the listing here. This is something that is important for our family because we promote organic food with non gmo wheat and additional ingredients.

The most important point here is the flavor which has a crisp outer flavor and moist texture inside. Very authentic and delicious.

Thank you Wildgrain for supporting home baked goodness at an affordable price we give you a five star rating.

Fresh is Best


A Special Place

This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. We appreciate your contribution to Jubilee Village and wish you a great day.

The botanical gardens are all very unique with special plants that represent the importance of a peaceful place. To retreat under the branches where birds, butterflies and bees stop by; we are just here for a moment to see the show of flowers that are delicately perched high in the sky.

The Eastern redbud grows strong as a focal point where the neighboring dogwoods are a backdrop to the hedges of Bankside roses that are strong and prolific all year sharing their petals as a snow cover that fall to the ground as a blanket of beauty.

Under the canopy of branches and filtered light there are many ferns and herbs that grow abundantly as their roots travel well through the compost of rich soil. To see the purple and green sage plants, the appearance is eye catching and fragrant with the thought how special to plant such beautiful things.

The fresh harvest of leaves that are medicinal to be used in tea for our family is the beauty and elegance that has inspired many. The idea is intelligent and all selections should be sought with the botanical name to make sure that the plants are the correct version for consumption. Pineapple sage is such a tropical aroma and very unique just consider how nice to share your garden with friends and family.

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