Kindness and Caring

I recently had a visitor to the farm who was looking for garden fresh tomatoes. She was  picking tomatoes for pasta sauce and was very thankful for the opportunity make fresh garden sauce.

We enjoy sharing our private reserve food with customers and friends because the more we share the more friends are near.

The abundant harvest that comes from a watermelon vine or cucumber hut is always continuous. If you have an overflowing supply of anything in your house yard or business we recommend sharing with others because your next friend is right around the corner.

Fresh Is Best


True Love


You are so beautiful in this time of your life cuddled close to your mothers heart. It is a special event that lends itself to a bonding between  mom and child and pet owner and mother dog. We have worked out a schedule in the hot weather as we are raising you indoors away from dirt and grass and environmental hazards.

I bring you to  your mom for feedings between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. This interaction between all of us is a special unity because we care about all the needs of our animals. The mother dog watches over her children and feeds the babies from 12:30 pm until 9:55 am.

There is a unity here that surpasses most words yet our mother trusts us with her children as they rest peacefully in the air conditioned home. When the little units need more food we bring mom into the adjoining building next to the house where they rest. They enjoy running up to mom as fast as their little legs will take them.

Before anyone receives a new puppy for their loving family just know that the work involved in protection cleanings swaddling and loving is abundant and all we want is for the love they have received here to continue all the days of their lives.

Fresh new life that inspires us all

Fresh Is Best for all walks of life.

High Protein Microgreen

The alkalinity of microgreens is abundant for mineral support.

It is beneficial to eat collard micros for bone strength and strong finger nails.

Radish sprouts add great spice to salads.

Koho salmon topped with arugula is the very best combination.

This week we ate pea shoots on bread and the extra protein in the microgreens sustained us longer than normal. Pea shoots can be used as part of a keto plan. The flavor tastes just like a sweet pea and is a very abundant crop.

Due to the size of this crop you can juice the greens with carrot apple and celery.  Enjoy your greens they will support you with mineral infusion.

Fresh is best


We are applying techniques to our farm to recycle all weeds with a no till terms. The walkways are structured with a weed guard  layer using shipping boxes to block weeds and tree mulch placed on top of the cardboard. The underground weeds are decomposing and being recycled for future crops. The cardboard will allow water and air to the under layer for composition.

The boxes that have ink labels on them are for walkways where there will be no vegetable crops. All vegetable beds have decomposed weeds from the last years mulch and weeds for a black soil component.

Another option is to use a weed guard paper that is very useful also. It is important to us to reduce our landfills and upgrade our farms terrain.  Our raised beds have 1/3 weeds like foxtails and soil placed on top and within 3 months the under brush layer has turned into dirt.

Fresh Ideas for a fresh harvest

Fresh Is Best

Learning Zero Waste

In our choices to support companies that are using zero waste programs it is important to us to be supportive of this move.

Some technologies are for big business and can be implemented into a small scale process. Bio compost is converting wood, scrap gloves, compostable items, including towels that  are changed to biochar which is a soil enhancement for garden

Some processes are unpleasing with a smell factor but now we can compost micro organisms to ferment food which is fast with all items controlled using a sealed system.  Fermentation is a key process for a 14 day turn around with the bokashi methods.

In agriculture we like to utilize the natural worms and nutrients for decomposition which converts food waste such as plant growth to improve soil .  Healthy soil means healthy plants for the future of nutritious food using vermiculture techniques.

While attending a horticulture class our project was to dig a trench and fill with produce and plant a crop on top of the trench for plant activity to benefit from  decomposing waste matter.  The idea here is to understand the connection between healthy farm food and the environment in the long run.

We appreciate your contribution to our company so we can support companies that agree with our standards for a better tomorrow.

Have a good day

Fresh is Best


What I learned from my Malinois

In the morning after sunrise it is time to feed our animals as they see me approach they are excited it would seem to get their breakfast. They jump on each other and snarl as they frolic and play to the food bowl station.

When a dog jumps on a person some would say bad dog you just my clothes dirty. In fact the pets are so happy to be close to me and see me they like to put their paws on me and play because they associate me with their pack. In the wild dogs travel together and honor the chain of command in their family.

Why do the dogs like to sit in a garage connected to the main house it is because they want to be as close to the family as they can be. If we are working outside we are together and they have a mission to be productive.  They want to please while expressing their opinion which is communicating.

We entered duck land together where the mallards are playing in the water and mucking through the wet dirt to gather minerals and experience the earth and all it has to offer. My Malinois saw a pile of duck eggs in the nest so I called him off the pile and he followed me out. He did not know this was a brooding nest.  In honor of his obedience I treated him with a fresh chicken egg for his shiny coat.

It is important that what I say has a purpose and he understood that my words have meaning.  When they are signaled to come to me they always will because I always am happy to reward them and let them know how special they really are.

I find the dogs to be very smart and playful yet they have a certain ability to understand when someone is sad and they will lay still and let me hug them for as long as I need to this kind of unconditional love is very healing and a part of longevity because stressors are deadly and my Malinois are key factor in bring love into my heart again.

May all your pets bring you joy as we still our heart and listen to the heart beat of another when we hug our friends knowing they are here to express the kind of love that is not abundant in this world today.

Fresh ideas for a better tomorrow.


What is in a heart

I attended a social gathering where a stranger approached me whom I had never seen before. She was a friend of the other family  members.  She saw two dogs I had on a leash who greeted her. She began to discuss how much she loved animals.

Her time on earth used to have animals in her daily routine and now she did not have one. As she watched my pets from across the room she said animals are filled with love so people know how to communicate and demonstrate to each other the important things in life.

I have seen from historical writings that animals are used as tools of therapy and I find that people who are depressed or missing their home or loved ones embrace the animal that can bring balance to a definite out of balance home or environment.

How does an animal teach us these things. They speak their own language and say nothing sad or judgmental. If people do not know how to treat others generously maybe they should listen to a pet for life is designed to help others and pets are included in this strategy.

Fresh Is Best

Fresh Blueberry

Organic blueberries come in pint containers with 12 pints per order. There is a limited supply but the fresh fruit sure is attracting the antioxidants fans for longevity and inspiration.

We have found that the fresh gems are delightful with a lemon sauce and so many recipes that are just the worlds happy snack. We also are pleased to provide frozen berries in an abundant supply we are directing everyone to our shop for fruit selections.

We have had fresh fruit requests and are delighted in the farm friends we are making. It seems to be that fresh fruit from the vine is just popular no matter what state we are  going to. Children drinking lemonade outside with blueberries on each finger while splashing the cool water with their feet are all signs of summer. It is good to see families unite for health and celebrate the farm life for one and for all.

Some people have traditions of blueberry muffins in the kitchen

when the family runs out the door or sitting by the window watching the sun rise knowing this is a peaceful start that delights ones heart. However you choose we celebrate you our friends our farm community you are very special and we wish you a Happy heart felt day.

Fresh Is Best for one and for all.


Canners Call

It is a special time as we look forward to each month with a new fruit that is fresh. We are accepting orders for our next harvest. It is the time for apricots which are available from the US which are available in a 4 pound bag or an 18 pound box.

The pantry preparers are always ready for the next harvest to fill their pantry with the summers efforts for a lovely winter treat. We have found that our family and friends really appreciate a jar of jam found under the Christmas tree.  We hope you can enjoy this treat all orders placed by before June 6 will be available to pick up from our farm on June 12th. We always do our best to fulfill all order requests and we encourage our customers to not hesitate as there is a large following for our fresh fruit crops. We look forward to seeing you  in June.

When our farm was established we planted trees so we could eat fresh food from the tree. It is a definite treat as we share this crop with you.

We hope you enjoy fresh food for a healthy new you.

Fresh is Best


Malinois Mix

In life suprises are special and our dog family has grown with quality dogs that have changed our perspective. Malinois dogs have a heart to heart bond with their owners.

Our new family is a mix between German Shepherd Rottweller and Malinois. The sire is 86 pounds and his girlfriend is 78 pounds.

Our litter is available now if you have a ranch farm or land for our pups to run on. The dogs are happiest with daily interaction with the owners and family.

We have the happiest dogs on earth and we feel they are all highly respected. They are family friendly & happy with people they know and are well socialized.


Are puppies are dewormed and we leave immunization up to the individual owner as to when they think their puppy should be innoculated. We recommend shots it depends on the location of the animals when this should happen.

Do you think you are a good candidate for a Malinois send an email to our office with your information and plans for the dogs.

Our puppies eat Victor food beef and rice to support their active lifestyle. We have given our dogs a good start and into your heart may they bless you every day of your life.

Our dogs are free range and live with guinea hens chickens and ducks. Our poultry respect our dogs as they protect them from coyotes and foxes. It is a beautiful thing to see such a strong compassionate animal serving us all in such a manner of respect and loyalty.

We wish you all the best and look forward to meeting you soon

Fresh Is Best

Long Stem Amaryllis

A red velvet beauty standing strong and tall will find sunshine a friend in the fall. They do well planted around the outer edge of a canopy of trees where they benefit from light and protection from hot afternoon sun.

Normally 12-15 inch stems support the bi; tri or quad floral design suspended in mid air.

Arboretum Springs Farm velvet amaryllis

Twice a year we see floral abound if the first bloom is cut a second one may come soon.

Some people use tape to support the floral position but we recommend cohesive bandage as we have done here.

We used a scarf to co-ordinate with the color or you can top with spanish moss and add cascading flowers that hang down like wisteria or ivy.

you will find blooms twice a year that will grow well and make more bulbs to give away. AA bountiful beauty is great bouquet gifts also .

If you would like to see our Amaryllis event follow this blog to stay in touch we will offer bulbs that are popular and some that are very unique this showcase is a joy as we like flowers around us all year.

Arboretum Springs by Design

Landscaping with everyone in mind

Fresh flowers are best

Ready for Rhubarb

We have rhubarb in stock now. We are happy to provide Strawberry Rhubarb and Red Canada Rhubarb together in this months line up. If you have a rhubarb lover in your family our product is fresh. Just in time for Fathers Day. Our next harvest will be ready for pickup on June 12. All category purchases are packed together so you can have what you need for a one stop shop.

We are concerned for some who have told us they are having health issues with muscle cramping and we always want you to follow your doctors advice. Naturally speaking rhubarb is high in potassium with vitamin A and C for immunity. Potassium is necessary for many functions and some have had great results in this issue with coconut water so this is now another choice that will taste good and make you feel great.

We do think fresh food is best and are avid cheerleaders for fresh garden foods that make life centered and balanced as we join together at the table in the name of love. We create food for friends so others can find joy in many new ways. We come together so we can make memories and enjoy great food.

We wish you all the very best day

Fresh is Best

Help in Need

There are times when we look back to consider where our path changed and how we can correct a wrong.

When we see people without food to eat or a place to sleep we consider the choices that lead to this situation.

We want to make a difference so we have food for the hungry that will be given for each contribution made into our drive to help the hungry in this nation and surrounding areas.

If you like to help families in need our category “feed the hungry” is open now in our shop.

We want everyone to help each other as a part of a humanity embrace.

People must know we care.

Arboretum Springs providing good food to all.

Fresh Is Best

Golden Grain

Heritage or Ancient grains have a history from the 1600’s such as White Sonora Wheat used for tortillas and pastries. The low protein content will give a lighter touch to the finished product. Kamut wheat is a large kernel and should not be associated with gmo it is naturally nutritious and also referred to as Khorasan. The flavor is a mild nutty accent.

In the 1800’s red fife wheat established in Canada will give a rich red hue to your bakery items.  This is a heritage grain.

Between 1930’s -1960 the development of high yield wheat which was considered by some to attend to the world needs of hunger and humanity. Durum wheat arrived following hard red wheat.

The white Sonora wheat is a heritage product that is a high fiber golden grain with a slightly sweet natural taste which is noted to have arrived in the 1600’s era by Christians.

When choosing food to fuel the family and customers who trust people to cook for them we can use specific grains for a happy healthy result and not only flavor. We wish for everyone to feel energetic and happy due to good choices that support longevity and a merry heart.

Soak grains till sprouts are seen blend and bake

Arboretum Springs Farm

Sprouted Spelt

An advantage to spelt kernels used for wheat baked goods and other meal options is that is is lower in gluten than some other wheat counterparts.

When the kernel is soaked and sprouted the vitamin C, B2, B5, B6 are available in greater amounts compared to unsoaked spelt.  We also know that the amount of iron, copper, magnesium and zinc are available in digestion on higher levels.

On our farm we have tried a variety of ancient grains that are sprouted and blended and make into a dough for cooking and the result is a high energy with out the grains slowing us down or making us feel tired after a meal.

Wheat had not been consumed for 5-7 years before this experiment because just seemed to feel like it was not energizing or even appropriate. So we switched to all ancient grains including Khorasan, spelt, emmer, millet, and more and we are pleased with the results and enjoy fresh microgreens with our wheat bread.

The bread is toasted in a pan on a bed of oats so the it is not fully baked and it is not doughy. We want everyone to know that in this experiment the kernels of grains are soaked for 12-24 hours as a minimum to activate the nutrient content as we wrote about in the first paragraph.

If you would like to try this idea we have added sprouted spelt flour at our site in the grain section

Happy Lifestyle we wish for you

Arboretum Springs Farm where we think fresh is best


Fabulous Flour

We are interested in high quality products and the unifine process is being used for products that we carry in fresh ground kernels for the different flour options.

In the movement to save our friends money we have opened the doors to the bulk buy for all consumers. The flours in different protein contents are processing the bran, the wheat germ and the endosperm in one process so all the nutrients are preserved with a no heat production. The nutrients in the flour are important for your health and your customers which makes everyone just feel better. They will keep coming back for more.

Traditionally some equipment smashes of cuts the grain with a heat application. We want you to notice the difference.

Enjoy ancient grains or sprouted grains in your next batch of recipes.


unifine milling

Coconut Chemical Free

Young  coconuts are best if you live where coconut trees grow. The young fruit are common in the states for the young meat and water inside this fruit. The outer husk will turn brown after the outer protective husk is removed to make it easier for the consumer to harvest.

We have found coconuts that are now dipped in vitamin C ascorbic acid which prevents browning  of the tender white husk. The chemical free fruit is available in our shop at for you.

The fruit comes wrapped in a clear wrap and will soon be available in our bulk section and single coconuts are now in our fruit department.


We are honored to carry non toxic tropical fruit which is certified organic also.

This will now mean we can get our minerals and potassium fresh which we think is best.

Arboretum Springs Farm



Pure water seems to be a hidden secret where all avenues are not pure in the H20 community. We have tried alkaline water and here is what we found.

The ph of 8.1 or higher was found to be light tasting and very pleasant. The container the water is put in makes a difference for long term storage. The idea of avoiding plastic water bottles is recommended as plastic components may be extracted over time from water that has a standard ph. Consumers seem to be looking for water in cartons, with a heart for recyclable materials that are compostable. So now the plastic depositing in the ocean may be slowing down some.

We tried water in a carton that was lined with foil and found a metallic taste developed over 8 weeks of storage. To buy water in glass bottles is more costly yet some vendors are starting to take notice so if you like this idea we suggest supporting this idea so it will continue.

The health benefit has been noted that the digestive process uses acidic juices to aid in digestion so if before or near after consuming food alkaline water would not be helpful. If you suffer from an ulcer or complications from acid in regards to reflux or any other pattern as such we found that the irritation from acid over a ulcerative wound was put down with alkaline water. For a temporary benefit it is suggested that alkaline water can be helpful in some regards and if the objective is to change body ph the magnesium found in green leafy vegetables are very usable for proper ph in the body for homeostasis and after the meal we supplement with alkaline water.

It is true the acid alkaline balance is important so we suggest using both acid and alkaline foods together. Acid foods are found in the tips and roots of plant such as wheat kernels or beet root crops. Alkaline foods are the leaves and the stalks of plants such as kale or lettuce. So all things considered a green diet with pure water is the best idea for strong bones healthy blood and a peaceful mind.

Someone recently said that nutrition places a small part in life considering the attacks of stress and worry and these are both very acidic emotions that should be eliminated yet a healthy mind and  heart are a  duo for longevity in addition to a positive attitude.

Here to your new healthy lifestyle.

Fresh Is Best


Sunshine on My Shoulders

The summer is family freedom to romp and run. If your family has sunburns this blog may help you. The ability to help healing occur faster with herbal support is used by many. Take a medium branch of aloe vera  and put the meat in the blender and pulse until it resembles a smooth liquid.

We do not blend this on a fast speed due to air bubbles creating a foam solution.  In a pot add 1 Tbl. of dried calendula flowers that will be covered by water on a low temperature and bring to a medium temperature and let steep until you can see a yellow liquid. The strength of your solution is dependent on how long you brew your tea for.

When your liquid has cooled down to a room temperature add to aloe mixture until incorporated. Adding other essential oils for fragrance can be utilized for a favorite aromatic experience. We recommend 2-4 drops so it is not overpowering.

Pour your mix into ice cube trays and freeze so when Johnny or Emily have a burn they can get their ice friend cube and rub the calendula cube  on the sore tissue while sitting on the grass in the shade. If the skin is actually stinging severely take a zucchini from the garden and slice a strip and dab gently on the burn and it will relieve the pain.

Some people ask what to do with zucchini we have so much well share this tip they will thank you. I was at a high mountain lake and my forehead sun burned and was very tender so I took a piece of zucchini  from my salad and put it on my forehead within 15 minutes there was no pain. I think that these circumstances can teach us so we can help others.  If you would like to find any products mentioned here jump on over to we enjoy the farm lifestyle and hope you can live a better quality of life from our experience.

                          Fresh Is Best

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