True Love


You are so beautiful in this time of your life cuddled close to your mothers heart. It is a special event that lends itself to a bonding between  mom and child and pet owner and mother dog. We have worked out a schedule in the hot weather as we are raising you indoors away from dirt and grass and environmental hazards.

I bring you to  your mom for feedings between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. This interaction between all of us is a special unity because we care about all the needs of our animals. The mother dog watches over her children and feeds the babies from 12:30 pm until 9:55 am.

There is a unity here that surpasses most words yet our mother trusts us with her children as they rest peacefully in the air conditioned home. When the little units need more food we bring mom into the adjoining building next to the house where they rest. They enjoy running up to mom as fast as their little legs will take them.

Before anyone receives a new puppy for their loving family just know that the work involved in protection cleanings swaddling and loving is abundant and all we want is for the love they have received here to continue all the days of their lives.

Fresh new life that inspires us all

Fresh Is Best for all walks of life.

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