Learning Zero Waste

In our choices to support companies that are using zero waste programs it is important to us to be supportive of this move.

Some technologies are for big business and can be implemented into a small scale process. Bio compost is converting wood, scrap gloves, compostable items, including towels that  are changed to biochar which is a soil enhancement for garden

Some processes are unpleasing with a smell factor but now we can compost micro organisms to ferment food which is fast with all items controlled using a sealed system.  Fermentation is a key process for a 14 day turn around with the bokashi methods.

In agriculture we like to utilize the natural worms and nutrients for decomposition which converts food waste such as plant growth to improve soil .  Healthy soil means healthy plants for the future of nutritious food using vermiculture techniques.

While attending a horticulture class our project was to dig a trench and fill with produce and plant a crop on top of the trench for plant activity to benefit from  decomposing waste matter.  The idea here is to understand the connection between healthy farm food and the environment in the long run.

We appreciate your contribution to our company so we can support companies that agree with our standards for a better tomorrow.

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