What I learned from my Malinois

In the morning after sunrise it is time to feed our animals as they see me approach they are excited it would seem to get their breakfast. They jump on each other and snarl as they frolic and play to the food bowl station.

When a dog jumps on a person some would say bad dog you just my clothes dirty. In fact the pets are so happy to be close to me and see me they like to put their paws on me and play because they associate me with their pack. In the wild dogs travel together and honor the chain of command in their family.

Why do the dogs like to sit in a garage connected to the main house it is because they want to be as close to the family as they can be. If we are working outside we are together and they have a mission to be productive.  They want to please while expressing their opinion which is communicating.

We entered duck land together where the mallards are playing in the water and mucking through the wet dirt to gather minerals and experience the earth and all it has to offer. My Malinois saw a pile of duck eggs in the nest so I called him off the pile and he followed me out. He did not know this was a brooding nest.  In honor of his obedience I treated him with a fresh chicken egg for his shiny coat.

It is important that what I say has a purpose and he understood that my words have meaning.  When they are signaled to come to me they always will because I always am happy to reward them and let them know how special they really are.

I find the dogs to be very smart and playful yet they have a certain ability to understand when someone is sad and they will lay still and let me hug them for as long as I need to this kind of unconditional love is very healing and a part of longevity because stressors are deadly and my Malinois are key factor in bring love into my heart again.

May all your pets bring you joy as we still our heart and listen to the heart beat of another when we hug our friends knowing they are here to express the kind of love that is not abundant in this world today.

Fresh ideas for a better tomorrow.



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