What is in a heart

I attended a social gathering where a stranger approached me whom I had never seen before. She was a friend of the other family  members.  She saw two dogs I had on a leash who greeted her. She began to discuss how much she loved animals.

Her time on earth used to have animals in her daily routine and now she did not have one. As she watched my pets from across the room she said animals are filled with love so people know how to communicate and demonstrate to each other the important things in life.

I have seen from historical writings that animals are used as tools of therapy and I find that people who are depressed or missing their home or loved ones embrace the animal that can bring balance to a definite out of balance home or environment.

How does an animal teach us these things. They speak their own language and say nothing sad or judgmental. If people do not know how to treat others generously maybe they should listen to a pet for life is designed to help others and pets are included in this strategy.

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