Fresh Blueberry

Organic blueberries come in pint containers with 12 pints per order. There is a limited supply but the fresh fruit sure is attracting the antioxidants fans for longevity and inspiration.

We have found that the fresh gems are delightful with a lemon sauce and so many recipes that are just the worlds happy snack. We also are pleased to provide frozen berries in an abundant supply we are directing everyone to our shop for fruit selections.

We have had fresh fruit requests and are delighted in the farm friends we are making. It seems to be that fresh fruit from the vine is just popular no matter what state we are  going to. Children drinking lemonade outside with blueberries on each finger while splashing the cool water with their feet are all signs of summer. It is good to see families unite for health and celebrate the farm life for one and for all.

Some people have traditions of blueberry muffins in the kitchen

when the family runs out the door or sitting by the window watching the sun rise knowing this is a peaceful start that delights ones heart. However you choose we celebrate you our friends our farm community you are very special and we wish you a Happy heart felt day.

Fresh Is Best for one and for all.


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