Canners Call

It is a special time as we look forward to each month with a new fruit that is fresh. We are accepting orders for our next harvest. It is the time for apricots which are available from the US which are available in a 4 pound bag or an 18 pound box.

The pantry preparers are always ready for the next harvest to fill their pantry with the summers efforts for a lovely winter treat. We have found that our family and friends really appreciate a jar of jam found under the Christmas tree.  We hope you can enjoy this treat all orders placed by before June 6 will be available to pick up from our farm on June 12th. We always do our best to fulfill all order requests and we encourage our customers to not hesitate as there is a large following for our fresh fruit crops. We look forward to seeing you  in June.

When our farm was established we planted trees so we could eat fresh food from the tree. It is a definite treat as we share this crop with you.

We hope you enjoy fresh food for a healthy new you.

Fresh is Best


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