Long Stem Amaryllis

A red velvet beauty standing strong and tall will find sunshine a friend in the fall. They do well planted around the outer edge of a canopy of trees where they benefit from light and protection from hot afternoon sun.

Normally 12-15 inch stems support the bi; tri or quad floral design suspended in mid air.

Arboretum Springs Farm velvet amaryllis

Twice a year we see floral abound if the first bloom is cut a second one may come soon.

Some people use tape to support the floral position but we recommend cohesive bandage as we have done here.

We used a scarf to co-ordinate with the color or you can top with spanish moss and add cascading flowers that hang down like wisteria or ivy.

you will find blooms twice a year that will grow well and make more bulbs to give away. AA bountiful beauty is great bouquet gifts also .

If you would like to see our Amaryllis event follow this blog to stay in touch we will offer bulbs that are popular and some that are very unique this showcase is a joy as we like flowers around us all year.

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