Golden Grain

Heritage or Ancient grains have a history from the 1600’s such as White Sonora Wheat used for tortillas and pastries. The low protein content will give a lighter touch to the finished product. Kamut wheat is a large kernel and should not be associated with gmo it is naturally nutritious and also referred to as Khorasan. The flavor is a mild nutty accent.

In the 1800’s red fife wheat established in Canada will give a rich red hue to your bakery items.  This is a heritage grain.

Between 1930’s -1960 the development of high yield wheat which was considered by some to attend to the world needs of hunger and humanity. Durum wheat arrived following hard red wheat.

The white Sonora wheat is a heritage product that is a high fiber golden grain with a slightly sweet natural taste which is noted to have arrived in the 1600’s era by Christians.

When choosing food to fuel the family and customers who trust people to cook for them we can use specific grains for a happy healthy result and not only flavor. We wish for everyone to feel energetic and happy due to good choices that support longevity and a merry heart.

Soak grains till sprouts are seen blend and bake

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