Sprouted Spelt

An advantage to spelt kernels used for wheat baked goods and other meal options is that is is lower in gluten than some other wheat counterparts.

When the kernel is soaked and sprouted the vitamin C, B2, B5, B6 are available in greater amounts compared to unsoaked spelt.  We also know that the amount of iron, copper, magnesium and zinc are available in digestion on higher levels.

On our farm we have tried a variety of ancient grains that are sprouted and blended and make into a dough for cooking and the result is a high energy with out the grains slowing us down or making us feel tired after a meal.

Wheat had not been consumed for 5-7 years before this experiment because just seemed to feel like it was not energizing or even appropriate. So we switched to all ancient grains including Khorasan, spelt, emmer, millet, and more and we are pleased with the results and enjoy fresh microgreens with our wheat bread.

The bread is toasted in a pan on a bed of oats so the it is not fully baked and it is not doughy. We want everyone to know that in this experiment the kernels of grains are soaked for 12-24 hours as a minimum to activate the nutrient content as we wrote about in the first paragraph.

If you would like to try this idea we have added sprouted spelt flour at our site in the grain section https://freshisbest.net/shop

Happy Lifestyle we wish for you

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