Pure water seems to be a hidden secret where all avenues are not pure in the H20 community. We have tried alkaline water and here is what we found.

The ph of 8.1 or higher was found to be light tasting and very pleasant. The container the water is put in makes a difference for long term storage. The idea of avoiding plastic water bottles is recommended as plastic components may be extracted over time from water that has a standard ph. Consumers seem to be looking for water in cartons, with a heart for recyclable materials that are compostable. So now the plastic depositing in the ocean may be slowing down some.

We tried water in a carton that was lined with foil and found a metallic taste developed over 8 weeks of storage. To buy water in glass bottles is more costly yet some vendors are starting to take notice so if you like this idea we suggest supporting this idea so it will continue.

The health benefit has been noted that the digestive process uses acidic juices to aid in digestion so if before or near after consuming food alkaline water would not be helpful. If you suffer from an ulcer or complications from acid in regards to reflux or any other pattern as such we found that the irritation from acid over a ulcerative wound was put down with alkaline water. For a temporary benefit it is suggested that alkaline water can be helpful in some regards and if the objective is to change body ph the magnesium found in green leafy vegetables are very usable for proper ph in the body for homeostasis and after the meal we supplement with alkaline water.

It is true the acid alkaline balance is important so we suggest using both acid and alkaline foods together. Acid foods are found in the tips and roots of plant such as wheat kernels or beet root crops. Alkaline foods are the leaves and the stalks of plants such as kale or lettuce. So all things considered a green diet with pure water is the best idea for strong bones healthy blood and a peaceful mind.

Someone recently said that nutrition places a small part in life considering the attacks of stress and worry and these are both very acidic emotions that should be eliminated yet a healthy mind and  heart are a  duo for longevity in addition to a positive attitude.

Here to your new healthy lifestyle.

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