Sunshine on My Shoulders

The summer is family freedom to romp and run. If your family has sunburns this blog may help you. The ability to help healing occur faster with herbal support is used by many. Take a medium branch of aloe vera  and put the meat in the blender and pulse until it resembles a smooth liquid.

We do not blend this on a fast speed due to air bubbles creating a foam solution.  In a pot add 1 Tbl. of dried calendula flowers that will be covered by water on a low temperature and bring to a medium temperature and let steep until you can see a yellow liquid. The strength of your solution is dependent on how long you brew your tea for.

When your liquid has cooled down to a room temperature add to aloe mixture until incorporated. Adding other essential oils for fragrance can be utilized for a favorite aromatic experience. We recommend 2-4 drops so it is not overpowering.

Pour your mix into ice cube trays and freeze so when Johnny or Emily have a burn they can get their ice friend cube and rub the calendula cube  on the sore tissue while sitting on the grass in the shade. If the skin is actually stinging severely take a zucchini from the garden and slice a strip and dab gently on the burn and it will relieve the pain.

Some people ask what to do with zucchini we have so much well share this tip they will thank you. I was at a high mountain lake and my forehead sun burned and was very tender so I took a piece of zucchini  from my salad and put it on my forehead within 15 minutes there was no pain. I think that these circumstances can teach us so we can help others.  If you would like to find any products mentioned here jump on over to we enjoy the farm lifestyle and hope you can live a better quality of life from our experience.

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