Care for Bone Strength

Dark green is a sign of minerals and physical peace that will help you work like a fine tuned machine. The minerals are very unique to what you need for ph balance which demonstrates homeostasis for function and rejuvenation.

The human structure can easily identify and put to work the magnesium in each serving and quickly convert it to a useable source  of calcium for the the cells to combat  against bone loss. If you are irritable you may be experiencing acidic ph balance. Irritability is the first sign. When this happens calcium is deposited in the blood stream from the bones to adjust the imbalance.

The idea is to support the body for proper function and  collagen for human function is relative where some are using collagen for bone strength also. The question we had was is bovine collagen better than marine collagen?

Bovine collagen coming from the cattle skin is classified as type 1 & type 3. Type one is found in your skin hair and bones so the assumption type one would be usable by the human body.  Type three is found in organs and arteries which is using fish bones and scales according to some reports.


You also have options for vegan sources such as aloe vera, licorice herb, pomegranate and cinnamon that support the production of collagen.  We have found that silica in food supports strong connective tissue and the highest concentration of silica is in bamboo and horsetail herb.  Using the building blocks of amino acids, vitamin C, silica, zinc and polysaccharides must be available for this production. Vitamin E works in conjunction with these items listed also.

In the food groups; plant are equipped with different elements for proper assimilation so choose your source as you see fit and most of all we wish you fresh food each day so you can be your best.

Fresh Is Best

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