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The senses are saturated with the beautiful lavender breeze. How fortunate we are to enjoy this fragrance of pure essential plants that calm and relax the nerves and make one feel elegant in the moment.

The oils of each plant are not intended for internal consumption but are very therapeutic as a breath of fresh air that is enjoyed every time we open the bottle of relaxation and bliss.

We hope you can enjoy the array of elegance as you keep the oils close by for a whiff of rosemary to spark your mental activity or the fragrance of chamomile as an emotional curtain of hope.

Organic marjoram essential oil is superb mixed as a respiratory steam and can assist with feelings of calm and being in control. The interaction with receptors in the brain can produce a homeostasis effect in some situations. Find a quiet spot that you find relaxing and safe and enjoy the fragrance that will lift your spirits.

A common fragrance that is left on the counter is tangerine it is such a perky happy aroma one cannot refuse its joy.

Rose oil is so elegant and has a way of making one feel beautiful and luxurious it is quite surprising how the plants in the earth have been overlooked by some. Nadine Artemis has a beautiful approach to serenity and wellness as she has enjoyed the plants of the forest for many years. If you would like to treat yourself to her vast wisdom jump on over to living libations.

We like to share our fresh ideas with you and we are here to bless you and hopefully this information will help complete your existence as a happy and peaceful person.

Fresh Is Best

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