Beautiful Smile

The expression of the heart is a start for a new beginning. What brings joy is memorable as the internal composition of the body cellular structure functions perfectly when there is joy.

The obstacles in life are set to prevent elation and bring frustration. It has been said that if one can laugh at the trouble in life it will dissolve the ability to hurt. Anguish will not happen in a happy heart for it is impossible to laugh and be angry at the same time.

We like to surround ourselves with creatures that make us smile and find enjoyment from helping others in need. The bouquet of beauty in a vase is a fragrant symbol of elegance. If we can have hope in something that is joyful, happy and loving we can certainly move our thoughts from a negative swing to a grateful day.

Surround yourself with positivity and hopefulness and your heart will be full and have no room for arrows of anger. If others are rude and hurtful they have revealed their heart that may be full of pain. Understanding this behavior will bring one to a level of perspective that lets insults roll of off us like water on a ducks back.

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