Planter Options

In the yard the edging will always catch the eye so here is an idea with parsley and petunias. The plants are companions offering shade for younger shoots and plants that support each other.

We have herbs that have matured from last years seed distribution fresh herbs work well with the planter and gives you immediate nutrition for tea and drying options. This plant is called Melissa for the support of anxiety also known as Lemon Balm.

This planter is started by seed which grew together for a continuous bloom. We have Swiss Chard, California poppy and radish. Herbs and flowers grow well because the taller plants offer afternoon shade when the temperatures heat up.

We transplanted young amaryllis in the beginning of the year. Keep in mind that there are other flower seeds that have been scattered beneath so when the plants like swiss chard are finished flowers will mature in their place. We have seeded zinnia’s on the way under this cover. Marigolds and delphinium are another good option.

The idea that garden plants will finish in 30-90 days it is something that will always be changing for a new look. This is not a long term project and the harvest in 30 days depends on the seed sown on this day.

Happy Gardening we wish you bundles of bounty

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