Gardener’s Circle

The entrance gives the garden or outdoor room an inviting appeal. In your community of friends you may have a circle of gardening friends.

Some like to come by bringing the bounty of their harvest to share. Sometimes it is fresh fruit or vegetables. Since we started our farm we have always sent people home with something to eat as a memory of the good times we enjoy together.

Today we received fresh fermented salsa brine from a friend and we sent them home with red and green romaine lettuce. It reminds me of how nice it is to have seed in the ground so fresh food is growing every month of the year.

Each month represents a different crop so there is always food on the vine or on a tree we would like to encourage you to plant a seed every month. It may be a flower or a tree or a vegetable that will be a blessing to someone in need.

The funny thing is that a plant does not produce a small amount is is always an overflow of food so we will never be hungry. The best choice is to go outside find some food and cook it fresh. Fresh Is Best is a motto that we live by and we wish for all others to enjoy the fresh crops of the ground. January to December we look forward to a new fruit or vegetable.

At Christmas we often give out jam or jelly from the farm and sometimes people give us fruit to use as long as we give them a pint of the jam they adore so much.

Connecting with people and touching their heart we love to help others each day from the start.

A gift for you we thought you might enjoy

Fresh Is Best

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