Freesias Forever

It is spring the crocus has come up with daffodils in bloom and while we wait for the tulips we have the most beautiful fragrance in the freesia gardens. The smell will captivate the traveler as they stroll by.

The white flowers are a stronger scent so while in bloom we put fresh bouquets by the chair with a view of the sunrise that will always relax our family and friends and all who visit our farm.

For Easter the multi colored bouquet is a very attractive conversational piece. We are thrilled to share with you the good news about this bloom.

A freesia bulb will bloom 10 weeks after it has been planted so set your schedule to plant a group of bulbs every month. You will have the fresh home aroma all year long after the ground has warmed up. Depending on your location bulbs may be planted indoors in a pot by the window so you can have the elegance of this flower in your home.

If you plant herbs outside with freesias close by the plants work as a support to hold up the blooms as they can be top heavy. Another option is to use a 180 degree wire support. Companion planting here is a very inviting choice to combine fresh spices for dinner and fresh flowers for the centerpiece.

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors today

Fresh Is Best

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