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Enjoy fresh baked sourdough bread by clicking on our affiliate links as we are thankful for your patronage.

The table is set and company is coming for dinner. We have received a gift box from Wildgrain so we put our french bread loaf in the oven and baked it on the rack for 18-22 minutes. The first convenient thing is that the bread is baked straight from the freezer. Wonderful this is important for those who have a busy schedule.

We presented our dinner with fresh baked french loaf and the house smelled like a bakery as home style bread always does. No one could tell this was prepared ahead of time from the Wildgrain company. Someone commented she made this fresh you can tell the golden color because she uses fresh farm eggs in her bakery items.

Frozen to fresh in 18 minutes very impressive. The bread delivery for this came in an insulated box with fresh made pasta noodles and assorted loafs that were frozen from their bakery.

The idea of this sourdough is great and then we read the label on the back to check the ingredient listing and what a surprise they use organic non gmo products so if you are a label person you can see the listing here. This is something that is important for our family because we promote organic food with non gmo wheat and additional ingredients.

The most important point here is the flavor which has a crisp outer flavor and moist texture inside. Very authentic and delicious.

Thank you Wildgrain for supporting home baked goodness at an affordable price we give you a five star rating.

Fresh is Best

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