A Special Place

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The botanical gardens are all very unique with special plants that represent the importance of a peaceful place. To retreat under the branches where birds, butterflies and bees stop by; we are just here for a moment to see the show of flowers that are delicately perched high in the sky.

The Eastern redbud grows strong as a focal point where the neighboring dogwoods are a backdrop to the hedges of Bankside roses that are strong and prolific all year sharing their petals as a snow cover that fall to the ground as a blanket of beauty.

Under the canopy of branches and filtered light there are many ferns and herbs that grow abundantly as their roots travel well through the compost of rich soil. To see the purple and green sage plants, the appearance is eye catching and fragrant with the thought how special to plant such beautiful things.

The fresh harvest of leaves that are medicinal to be used in tea for our family is the beauty and elegance that has inspired many. The idea is intelligent and all selections should be sought with the botanical name to make sure that the plants are the correct version for consumption. Pineapple sage is such a tropical aroma and very unique just consider how nice to share your garden with friends and family.

We are always impressed with beautiful scenery in the different botanical setups but the idea does not have to be impossible so we shared some links here so you do not have to search the local nurseries hoping to find something you might like. Every plant has a preference of lighting and gardening can be fun. The links have gardening advice according to your specific zone.

The health benefit of having fresh oxygen being produced in your yard is very comforting now as we spend time in the outdoor landscape as a special place where we can find rest and peace for many days to come.

Have fun gardening

Fresh is Best


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