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Restful sleep is important for proper function body. Clear thought and stress management really does make a difference in the day to day routine. Aromatherapy can be effective in calming and focusing on the project at hand. Finding the perfect fragrance from essential oils and or herbs are important for physical and mental balance.

One option to relax at night is to use a herbal infused pillow that can be made at home by mixing dried herbs that are mildly fragrant.

In a bowl mix 2 TB dried chamomile, 2 TB dried lavender, & 2 Tb dried lemon balm.

Mix the herbs together and add 1 drop of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of sweet marjoram essential oil. Mix well and add the herbs in a muslin bag.

Pull the draw string closed and seal the bag . Place your herbal pouch inside of the pillow case on the edge of your pillow.

Enjoy the relaxng fragances that will comfort your heart and mind. We wish you a good nights rest.

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