Using herbs in your cooking as a fragrance and flavor element creates a meal that is memorable. Historically if you were invited to partake of the bounty of food you would be considered a friend and important to the family with the invitation for the event.

Herbs have many properties in there leaves, flowers, bark and roots for medicinal and culinary enjoyment. If you are familiar with the plant properties wild or garden harvest would be used for the meal leaving 50% of the plant in the ground for further generations. Plants will flower and reseed your garden automatically so you will always have future herbs in your yard for many meals to come.

Another benefit for our meals is to consider that spices applied to meat in a dry rub or seasoned before cooking has an antibacterial action and can ward off pathogenic microorganisms and keep us healthy (Billing & Sherman, 1998).

Herbs stored indoors for the winter should be upgraded every 4 to 6 months therefore your dishes will taste their best when you serve them to your friends and family.

Planting seeds for outdoor landscaping and floral bouquets and culinary meals can be started indoors on a windowsill or a table by the light shining in from outside so when the weather is ready for planting in your area you will be ready for a aromatic backyard experience.

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