Flowers For you

Do you have a room with a view? Flower pots are simple to do. Dirt, plant, then water.

Enjoy the contrast of colors with choices that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds that bring joy for all to see.

Bulbs are so special they grow so very strong with roots that will support the stalks that hold the flowers so beautifully. The sight of something attractive will bring peace and joy for a moment that sustains all who stop and see the petals along the path.

Peonies are lovely and really put on a show and the good news about a flower that starts with a bulb is that each year the bulb will create new bulbs that can be placed around your yard. Some flowers make one flower like a tulip per plant and others flower all season with bouquets for every room.

Lighthouse Garden is having a sale on bulbs for your zone planting. We hope your view will bring joy to you.

Enjoy free garden advice to get started in the great outdoors just for you

Seed starting basics for a successful year of flowers and fresh food.

We wish you Happy Gardening in 2022.

Fresh is Best/ Lighthouse Garden

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