Inner Strength

The power in you will sustain you in times of trouble. The stress levels in life with multi tasking and internet messaging totals are about 70,000 per day. Distractions come about every 5 minutes the nervous system will handle this information well if our nutritional menu is consistent and fresh.

In the herbal community people refer to adaptogenic as a way to return to system balance. The ability is to bring inner calm due to system imbalances in the nervous, emotional, and physical arenas are a priority.

Herbs are very effective under the advise of your physician or naturopathic medical instruction. The combination of pharmaceuticals and herbs are not generally a good idea so how do we proceed in this situation?

Mushrooms are also adaptogenic and can be taken with you on the go and put inside your beverage without altering the taste. Coffee or smoothie or any beverage you prefer. If life is busy our food needs to be ready for on the go without a drive thru option for fast food.

Mushrooms are a food source that are beneficial when cooked or taken as an extraction. If tinctures do not agree with you fresh mushroom or powdered mixes are very good to mix in your food.

We are very fortunate to offer you mushroom tinctures at Mushroom Bounty. The double extraction process has a very long shelf life and is usable immediately after consumption due to the liquid content. Digestion is not an issue here. This product may be a good match for your situation. Enjoy the Mushroom Blend for immune support as an adaptogenic tool.

The buzz here is the combination formulas with herbs and mushrooms for the cancer prevention base with specific herbs which are found in the Sleep tonic which targets insomnia.

If you know someone who suffers from digestion impairment or discomfort the Digestion Formula may be an option. How difficult it is to have intestinal pain from food we hope this may be a solution for you or your friends.

The Stress Formula is the fourth pillar in the mushroom tinctures. Understanding the effects of stress we can all identify with the need for a change. There are answers that can make a difference to protect you and make you feel better. We recommend you follow the advise of your physician and would like you to consider that these products are not intended to cure any disease but to help you achieve a better quality of life.

Fresh Ideas for a happy heart and a good quality of life.

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