Live Strong

Veggies in the pot with water and soup bones from your market can produce a warm broth that is comforting and rewarding. The bones and the vegetables should be put in a crockpot and cooked on low for 24 hours. We enjoy the flavor of carrots, celery, salt, pepper and bay leaves with garlic and fresh thyme. To create a rich stock we use 2 pounds of bones.

A vegetarian option for broth can be made with carrots, celery, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley & kale. The options are many for broth using fresh produce would be best for flavor and nutrients.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of added calcium iron and potassium for heart health.

It is vital to take good care of yourself and the benefit of a restful sleep will do wonders for you and your immune function for your defense and health. The amino acid (glycine) found in bone broth may provide you with restful sleep.

Fresh Is Best

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