Welcome Bees

We enjoy the the symphony of the outdoor sounds that are relaxing and enjoyable in the yard. The trees around the garden contain birds who eat the seeds on the ground. Butterflies are so colorful as we relax in the morning sunshine.

What a joy to celebrate life as bees tend to the flowers to make honey for us to enjoy. We are grateful for raw honey as we use it to cover a wound for the antiseptic value.

If a friend or family member feels a scratchy throat we use cayenne and honey to remove the pain.

The idea of enjoying the outdoor attributes at dinner table are common. Wildflower honey infused with sage is very enjoyable on the biscuits that come from the oven around 5 pm.

What can done to preserve our friends that suffer from unnatural means to destroy them. We can plant flowers that are safe and create an environment where they can thrive and be safe.

Butterfly bushes, echinacea and wildflowers are just a few if we plant a small area we can help to create beauty and enjoyment for all around knowing we have made a difference with the land we have. A flower pot on a patio or a box of marigolds you see can do a lot for our beloved bees.

If you would like to see the flowers they may enjoy visit this page as you prepare for spring planting. https://www.swansonsnursery.com/blog/plants-to-attract-bees-butterflies-hummingbirds

Fresh is Best

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