Queen Spice

person holding green plant on brown wooden table
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Plants can have a positive factor that benefits us. The spices in your kitchen add flavor and support for your health and immune system. Sage tea is good for a sore throat and thyme can be used to clean a wound. If you are in a bind and need an herbal solution it is nice to have fresh spices growing. Fresh spices are also very nice in flower bouquets.

Cardamom is a beautiful plant and the pods are ground to give a very unique flavor when used in moderation. This plant is useful for UTI’s, depression and a fatty liver. It is always best to consult a physician to get their approval before adding a new product in your diet. This plant is very unique in appearance and in culinary meals.

The cardamom pods are ground up to give us that unique flavor. The power of a plant can change your life. We hope you can enjoy your life to the full measure you are intended to have.

The next time you would like a special treat try adding a dash of cardamom to your french toast batter and serve with fresh maple syrup. Cardamom pairs well with vanilla so this fresh idea may brighten your cuisine.

When it comes to spices a little goes a long way so enjoy all the variety we have and treat yourself.

Fresh is Best

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