The greenhouse effect can be helpful when we upcycle our lettuce containers for an indoor climate.

This is nice because the side tabs open and close easily without disturbing the root development and causing stress.

Micros 5 days old

The greenhouse keeps the seeds moist so watering isn’t necessary after the planting of seeds. It will save water and the peatmoss medium does not adhere to the stem for rotting stem syndrome from excessive moisture.

Each harvest is ready at 10-14 days for you to enjoy superfood nutrition. The white side shoots of the root systems will display hair like villi at 3-5 days.

Start your second box every 4 days for a continous supply. We recommend purple radish sprouts, brocolli and salad mix.

If all this is a lot of work you can buy micro kits that are pre – planted and all you need is water.

However you choose to get greens, mini greens or vegetable juice make good choices for your health. It is a consideration for healthy cell development and immune function that will make your future bright.

May your future be bright as you enjoy fresh foods for a happy new year.

Happy Gardening

Greengirl / freshisbest.net

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