Can the properties of this plant Melissa bring on the benefits of calmness and peace? What is the constituents that play a part in mental awareness? The benefits that are helpful are the ones that we seek to help those who are in stress from aging and world events.

Stress is relentless causing a surge of cortisol that wears heavy on the arteries. Simply said lets avoid the stress and choose instead to enter the rest (George Pearsons).

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Lemon balm plays a role in neurodegenerative diseases that some have experienced in time. The ability of plaque removal in the mental pathways is a benefit to consider. Generally it is a recommendation to have 1-3 cups per day. Use 1 tsp of dried herb for every cup of water for your tea.

The vitamin mineral content of this herb supplies the requirement for balancing the blood ph for assimilation and rest.

Considering blood pressure as part of heart health and wellness this herb Melissa (lemon balm) plays a role in the mission of physical strength. Keep in mind that blood sugar and heart health are related we have found that the composition of this tea assists with lower blood sugar levels which is good news for diabetics that follow a healthy diet plan. The low glycemic index works nicely in this regard.

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The sedative properties can alleviate the daily fatigue and help you rest. This is the time to get yourself back on track and proceed under the care of your physician and seek help. For we wish for everyone to experience peace and calm regardless of what is happening around you.

Focus on things that bring you joy for us at Herbal Emporium we have vision boards posted on the wall or on our desk so when we are stressed we stop to and take a vision break. Pictures of animals people or beautiful landscaping that brings us peace and perhaps a video that always makes us laugh is mandatory to stay on top of the stress sea.

For on the go lifestyle we like to use non alcoholic tinctures that can be tucked away in your pocket and when you feel a negative emotion or nerve fray say something you are thankful for and put a few drops in your mouth. You can add stevia or a non glycemic sweetener also to your mix. We hope this makes a difference for you.

As always we would like to see you share this information to a friend so together we can become stronger.

Enjoy this fresh idea.

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