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red currants in gray bucket
Photo by Yulia Ilina

In the blind sight of influenza the little treasures we found here will sustain and alleviate discomfort and support the strength of the immune.

The black currant has a vitamin C content which is very high in this natural form. It is a benefit for those who need assistance in secondary stages of infection or immune health to boost physical health and performance.

You will find 2000 mg. per kg. which is 2.2 pounds with potassium for heart health and rutin which helps your body produce collagen (www.healthline.com) for arterial function.

Supplementation is useful in all cases but we recommend eating fresh berries or currant juice because that is where all the above nutrients are preserved for absorption and benefit. Understanding that heat and oxidization will contribute to the destruction of vitamin C we recommend the berry juice, or dehydrated berries at northwestwildfoods.com. They have frozen berries or dried berries for your healthy approach.

top view photo of food dessert
Photo by Trang Doan

After research we can see that the fruit is beneficial yet can be costly and some would consider growing their own to save money and have the freshest source of food. If you have room to grow this berry and would like to consider improving your health and sharing your abundance with others in need; our nursery has this plant available.

woman showing currant in hands in greenery
Photo by Julia Volk

The plants will be delivered to you in spring they grow in specific zones and you will find a map for your area when you click the link. We hope you enjoy good health and achieve the new addition of black currants to your diet. We find the ability of rutin in this plant exciting for the added collagen benefit, which supports all of your connective tissue.

Some have said that powerful things come in small packages and this crop is a good example of that.

Happy Planting

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