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We have heard about the berry families and their antioxidant value. To understand that statement we cannot always identify the benefit. In the cellular stream of function there are negative components that are in place to hurt us so we can enjoy the small blueberries and there antioxidant value.

If you are under the pressure of flu symptoms and feeling bad there is a solution that you can enjoy and consume. The small fruit is outstanding for your health and if taken when feeling sick it will shorten the duration of the illness and reduce the symptoms of discomfort.

Elderberry syrup can be made at home to eat a spoonful a day. It is important to remember that raw elderberries should not be eaten. Dried berries or fresh berries can be used for syrup. The stems and seed should not be consumed because they contain cyanic which is not recommended, but cooking will render the agent harmless.

The suggestions here are exciting so we decided to try this and decide for ourselves. We used an herbal tincture and started with a few drops in water to make sure we did not have a negative reaction as this is common when trying new products. We used Dr. Christopher’s elderberry tincture although there are many options on the market. The recommendation we found was to take 1/2 tsp 3 times a day. We used used a 1/4 of a tsp more frequently not to exceed the daily recommendation.

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The results from our test came back positive this little berry made a noticeable difference and we will be making a combination of elderberry and echinacea the next time a germ tries to cause us discomfort.

Keep in mind this is a medicinal product and should be respected so do not take more than recommended and if auto immune history is present please as always contact your physician before trying any new product.

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