Animals Teach

We are eager to have animals as they entertain and depend on us for comfort, shelter and nutrition.

As the sun sets the birds search green material such as lettuce grass and plant material. Having the free range chickens patrol for bugs during the day it eluminates the need for commercial pest control. The financial kickback is good and the environment and water tables are healthy once again.

During the day rhey seek bugs and seeds with mineral infusion as they fertilize the orchards and compost the leaves from fall.

The idea animals can teach is not apparent at first glance, but the idea of high mineral foods before the evening activities promotes rest and proper ph balance for the night.

Eating the colors of a rainbow is a balance that all should see on the plate. Fruits vegetables and fiber on our plate gives us anti cancer compounds, fiber for digestive health and vitamin C to boost the immune function so we can feel relaxed at the end of the day.

May your fresh food make you feel your best today

Green Girl at Fresh is Best

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