Green Tea

Strong nails strong bones is there a correlation? Can we see what is happening inside our body by the physical signs we see?

Green tea is made with greens from the garden that are juiced or processed in the blender and added to hibiscus tea and red clover tea.

The body will easily convert magnesium into calcium that usable for strong bones and nails. The results can be found by taking calcium supplements for a month and check the strength and condition of your nails. Take green juice from kale and parsley everyday for a month and then recheck your nail growth. This will tell you which is better.

Here’s a picture of kale growing in the garden we add three leaves of this to our juicer and combine the green liquid with hibiscus and red clover tea which is sweetened with Stevia or sweetener of your choice. The tea is made using 1 teaspoon of dry plant material to 1 cup of water so in this recipe you would add a half a teaspoon of each herb for every cup of water.

Enjoy good health and feel relaxed with proper pH due from the alkalinity of the greenery and enjoy beautiful skin and strong bones.

Fresh is Best

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