It is a Match

Making good use of a metal paper storage unit that is often carried in professional vans for invoices and documents. The top snaps closed for keeping items organized in the dual layer stack system. We covered it with a hot glue gun on the edges only so the fabric has a soft feel. We added lace on the edges and a wired edge bow on the paper clamp that holds papers. This is very functional as a desk organizer that a cat cannot damage.

Our office desk has cats that like to lounge on papers and be in the middle of our projects. We appreciate the furry friends and found this to be a solution from missing pens and wrinkled papers.

close up photography of sleeping tabby cat

We are upcycling old objects to keep them out of the trash pile in a land fill so we covered the outside with a matching Paris design and pleated the edges with a glue gun style and trimmed the edges with the same lace. It is nice to recycle and see beauty around us at all times.

We hope you can find a treasure in your storage that needs a face lift. Come join the crafting secret to avoid stress by focusing on the something positive that makes you feel your best.

Fresh IS Best

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