Fresh French Rack

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Family and friends are here to gather again as we are thankful for kindness and generosity. The table is set with fresh herbs on the plates that represent the bounty from our garden landscapes.

The main attraction today is Festive French Rack served with a five star main dish that is adorned with cranberries and compote.

Our theme this season is fresh with a meat seasoned with fresh cracked pepper mandarin meat stock and fresh basil cut chiffonade.

Fresh green salad that offers the colors of the rainbow is a good choice with sunflower micros placed on top. The seeds take from 10-14 days to reach this stage so there is time to start seeds for your salad today.

Fresh bread baking in the oven while your friends and family are there is a great aromatic gesture that is memorable for a good meal every time.

While guests are visiting we recommend a snack tray that is abundant with fresh fruit and healthy snacks that does not fill them up but keeps them satisfied until the main meal is ready.

A successful event is when all people can help prepare and visit while enjoying fresh food from the bountiful harvest.

Plan your colors and pick your theme for this is a success wherever you may be.

Enjoy your time and show thankfulness that your guests have taken time to be with you as this event is prepared fresh. We appreciate you as our blog visitors and we wish for you great health with a happy heart.

Fresh Is Best

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