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love summer garden leaf
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The boldness of white to catch the eye is very peaceful and beautiful in a bouquet for the table setting or the entrance to your home. One hundred petals join to create a sphere that celebrates the occasion for your event. A bouquet with red roses brings stunning to a new level. Hydrangea is a very affordable flower with 2 to 6 stems in a bouquet. The contrast of the green leaf is a perfect balance and other stems can be supported through the large sphere of petals shown here.

A low profile option is to use florist foam that is soaked in water and insert flowers in the base with pearl pins to stabilize the bouquet.

Red and white look nice for personal presentation or large gatherings. Christmas events could add pine needles in place of fern leaves in this bouquet. The color combination here is considered a professional approach and there is a savings for bulk flowers or wholesale with deliveries usually 2 days before the event.

The idea is to make whatever you are planning memorable without spending a lot of time planning so you can enjoy the get together along with everyone else.

Fresh Is Best so your presentation will shine with success.

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