Beautiful Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a unique crop for its floral component in a bouquet and also for a gluten free food when eating the kernel. This plant does help us by seeking out the negative components in our system that have a negative effect in regards to heart disease.

Rutin is another benefit for us all because it keeps the the blood from clumping together which is not what we need for heart health. Most intriguing is the benefit buckwheat has for patients that have been diagnosed with diabetes and lowering blood pressure.

As a result of reduced antioxidants the hair and skin should improve also.

Buckwheat can be sprouted and grown to eat fresh in a salad. The potential for maximum nutrition is available at the plants peak performance in nutrition at 10-14 days old. Any plant that has antioxidant value should be a consideration for the healing process of inflammation and disorder by using microgreen management

We wish you amazing health and perspective.

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