Energy Infusion

While we rest the nocturnal mission is at work spinning a web to catch her prey. She uses the wheel method to produce the best result which covers a large span of effectiveness. The time involved is approximately one hour and she uses the least amount of silk for this dynamic creation.

The time we use to produce results requires fresh oxygen and energy so we may be effective as our nocturnal cohabitants. The ability to be inspired and energetic is a state of youthfulness with a mission of our own.

Our food source is important for purity and a clean blood stream which will feed our cells quickly. We plant a seed and enjoy the harvest 30 – 120 days later. If the garden idea does not work there is a new idea that works beautifully to add to your menu.

Blue Green Algae Tablets

Benefits using Chlorella Recovery Tablet

. Reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides for heart health

. Contains nutrients to fight cell damage

. Contains carotenoids to reduce risk of diabetes

. Performance and endurance for oxygen delivery

The ability to remove toxins from the blood and have a high protein food that does not spoil can be carried with you for on the go and give you a superfood benefit to support immune function to destroy invaders that do not belong. Green Nation wants you should be healthy and whole with energy and inspiration.

The products we are recommending are organic and grown free from outdoor pollutants and then are tested repeatedly for heavy metals and toxins. This is the highest quality of blue green algae on the planet.

We have tried chlorella for 15 years and found this to be the best.

I have never seen a spider tired and fatigued from her web spinning she is energetic and responsive in her mission to survive the obstacles. We wish for you to be healthy healed and strong from all disorder and despair. We recommend that you consult your physician before adding superfoods to your regimen.

Live long and strong and happy

Fresh is Best

Stay fresh to be your best

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