Clean Sole

Stop bacteria at the door or for some leave your shoes outside.

We travel on many paths collecting bacteria that should not be welcome in our home. The idea of small dachshunds cleaning the floor for scraps or just because they like to have things very clean they lick the floor sometimes.

Young children are on the floor so the idea that we can step on a mat that will kill bacteria on contact without chemicals is encouraging. In our travels across the globe we found special situation where a young girl was hospitalized with a difficult bacterium that was challenging to treat. A doctor invented product that will limit harmful bacteria with a copper mat that releases copper ions into the bacteria which kills them directly on contact.

The scientific proof of this process is logical as the DNA is damaged by respiratory interruption in the cell of the bacteria for a detailed look you can go to www.

There are small and large mats available we are carrying the large mat that is 24×16. The paw mat and the foot mat both come in this same size and we like that the cleaning process of this mat is using soap and water. The mats are tan in color containing 66.5 percent copper for bactericidal surface action.

Our mats are coming soon you will find these at Ducks N Dachshunds Pet Store.

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