Evergreen Beauty

Trees cover our land and provide us with shade and homes for many birds. In this time the seasons are changing and the deciduous varieties are continually dropping leaves throughout the year. The roots are shallow and the leaves are watered to decompose and turn into soil. The plants benefit from the fresh compost happening each season.

Fruit bearing trees have been working hard to supply everyone with the proper amount of fruit for canning or freezing. As the weather changes the green leaves fall and the energy is directed back into the roots for a new season next year. Now is a good time to fertilize the ground with nutritional spikes that are buried in the earth. This keeps our friendly pets away as the fertilizer works for the next 3 months. Nourishing the roots for another strong year in 2022.

It is also time to prepare for dormant spray to protect the stalks against predators. We wish you a fruitful year and a happy transition into fall.

Fresh is Best

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