The house of herbs and spice has been creating salves and ointments for topical applications. If you like to treat your wounds naturally welcome to our class today.

The three different herbs we are using are dried chamomile, red clover and dried plantain. These plants offer healing properties and our family is active outdoor and wounds seem to happen.

In a glass jar fill 1/2 full with one herb and pour olive oil over the top to cover and saturate. Repeat this for each herb. Place each jar uncovered in a crock pot that is set to low with 2 inches of water in the bottom. Place a metal rack in the water and set jars on top.

Cover the pot with a lid and leave on low for 3 days. Strain the oil from the jar and place in a pan with 4 tsp beeswax when combined well stir and pour into a small glass jar and cool. You may adjust the bees wax for firmer or softer consistency.

You may also add essential oil for a fresh smell that is a favorite.

Enjoy topically for faster wound repair.

The end result will reflect the color of the plant extraction and the results will surprise you.

Have a great day..

Jubilee Village

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