Green Time Garden

A secret to gardening is to use the dirt space you have effectively. Compact garden or field production will both bring a plentiful supply by using these tips.

Planting a succession of spinach will keep you in the healthy lifestyle for longer. For example the idea is to plant what you can eat in a normal week. For some that would be 3 heads of spinach or other leafy green crops. In seven days you will need to plant seeds again and repeat until your first crop is ready to harvest. You can enjoy mature spinach while the younger spinach is still growing. Therefore, you will have the freshest product all year long.

Keep in mind that some varieties like different temperatures and the warmer varieties would be planted first and the spinach that likes the cold would be used in a month from now.

Container gardening works well with leafy greens it will require a 28 day period for Bloomsdale spinach to produce baby greens if that is preferable over a mature crop.

We hope you enjoy your garden as it is a good source for nutrition.

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