A doctors report has been given to some who must not eat certain foods due to blood sugar circumstances. If you have been told that candida is out of sorts or insulin related challenges are not allowing you to eat certain foods we have an option that might improve your life

A report of no sweets, low carbs, or any other dietary recommendation can be difficult to absorb. Food is a large part of life and we must consider an option that has improved our life. Lets rise to a new level in menu options.

Our focus here is approach food in a way to reduce a rise in blood sugar when eating and to avoid creating an environment that promotes negatives results such as extra body fat, candida over growth, fungal issues and cancer.

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In some cases fresh fruit has to much sugar, oatmeal may have to many carbs. If this is happening to you try eating fruit with less sugar such as granny smith apples instead of Fuji apples.

Another choice is to put fruit in a quart of water and season with 1 1/2 tsp salt and cover with a breathable lid such as a napkin and a rubber band or breathable fermenting lids. Let jar sit in a dark place for 3 days. Sweeten fruit with a non glycemic sweetener such as stevia. The beneficial bacteria in the jar will render your fruit digestible and remove the sugar that will support an increase in blood sugar.

This fermenting process works for fermenting grains such as oats that are raw and unprocessed or any grain that you would choose. The product needs to be soaked and blended and processed in a water mixture equivalent to oatmeal consistency and fermented with a breathable cover.

Fermented Blueberry Oatmeal

The benefit of this way of eating will give one more energy and reduce mental fogginess. Beneficial bacteria has many advantages for you we hope you can enjoy and energetic lifestyle once again.

The fermented wheat can be dehydrated to make wheat crackers there are many options here. So be creative for example, fermented rye berries that have been blended and fermented with sea salt and caraway seeds make a nice rye cracker after being dehydrated.

Enjoy feeling healthy and eating food that is good for you.

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